How to Install Template in Blogger

Anonymous May 29, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this Post i will tell you that how can you Upload or Install a Theme in Blogger. It is very simple and easy way to Install a theme on to Blogger blogspot. Install a Blogger template is easier than you might think. After uploading a single file it is installed and you are ready to start blogging.

Some Important Notes before installing a template on Blogger

  • Do not try to open the xml file on your computer it will display lots of error on to your PC,
  • If you want to install a theme on blogger so you need to create a blog on Blogger Blogspot.
  • You can save your previous template before install a new theme on to your Bloge, It is for that because if you past any type of code on to your old blogger theme then you can lost these codes and also setting. 
  • Before installation you should remove any gadgets installed by your previous template unless you want to keep them to your Bloge.
  • If you use https:// protocol then you can need to change all http:// address with https:// address other wise it should be really bad for your website especially give bad effect to the user who come to your website. 

Install theme on Blogger

Here are simple and easy way to install a theme on Blogger

01. Log in to Blogger and click on Theme option  

02. When Them Option has been open then you can click on Backup and Restore button.

03. Just Click On Restore and Backup button and this window can be open.

04. First Click on Download Button and download old version of your Theme. 
05. Now click on Choose file type of .xml and upload it to blogger then save your template now your new theme has been upload to your blogger successfully. 


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Perfect Way to Protect Your Computer from Virus and Malware

Anonymous May 23, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you how can your Protect your PC from Virus and Malware. Many People ask this question on daily basis that our computer is running slow on window 7 and even on latest operating system like Window 08, 10 etc. When some one computer running slow so its looks like some viruses and malware are interrupted in the performance of Computer.  Here are very easy step to protect your Computer from Viruses and Malware. Internet is not a safe place unless you take some security measures in order to protect. Computer from malicious attacks. Computer experts says that if you connect new computer to the Internet than this new computer will be effected by viruses with in few minutes. Thats unsafe Internet is so its important that you first secure your computer and that connect it with Internet otherwise you will be in the hands of some hackers that can hack your computer and stolen some important things from your computer.

Install an Antiviurs

Antivirus Software is the first line of defense for any computer out there on Internet and without it your are take very big risk of your computer precious data and files that are very important for you.
I am also use an especial Antivirus software that can help me out to Safe me computer from viruses and malware to.

Some Antivirus are very difficult for your computer. They can running your computer slow than before. Some Antivirus can't be able to scan and protect your Computer from these effected things. So here is One and Only important software for your pc to protect it from INTERNET bad things.

I am use Microsoft Security Essentials is very secure and also full version and also supported both operating system 32 bit and 64 bit. So I totally recommended you to download this software to protect your computer from malware and also from Viruses.  It is a Windows defender is also. This can built in to the latest version of Windows and help guard your PC against viruses and other malware. Microsoft Security Essentials is a very lite program for your PC. it can not hanged out your computer.


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How to set limit access to WordPress Login page by IP address

Anonymous May 21, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this Post i will tell you that how can you set limited access to Wordpress Login page by any Ip Address. By default your wordpress login page is open for every body anyone can just type /wp-admin or /wp-login.php next to domain name and each your site entry point. So if you want No any body can hack your website or can't be able to login attempt to your website account again and again. Most of the times they automate brute force attacks to guess your wordpress user-name and password. In order to protect your site from brute force attacks and hackers you must take several security measures. 

Getting Started 

Here are two options for limiting access to the WordPress dashboard:

  • One or Multiple IP Addresses -  This is the option for you if your IP address doesn't change because you edit your site from your desktop or a small number of other locations to edit your site. After doing this no any body can be able to attempt login process again and again to your website login panel.

  • Multiple Dynamic IP Addresses - If your IP address regularly changes because you use your phone, you travel a lot and need access to your admin dashboard, or you have users requiring access from multiple locations. 

So you can only put this code to your WordPress .htaccess folder and secure your website.

<Files wp - login.php>
order deny,allow
Deny from all
# whiteist West Palm Beach IP address
allow from
#whitelist Gainesvile IP Address
allow from

Note: Do not forget to replace the IP Address with your own IP address. The only real downside to this is if you have dynamic IPs, then it can be a problem.

How to add Google Custom Search Engine Bar in Blogger

Anonymous May 19, 2018
Hello and welcome to On this post you can be able to learn about Google Search Engine Bar in Blogger. How can you set Google Search Engine Bar in to your Blogger or Website. A blog in order to give a best user experience must possesses three important things. One is commenting system that helps users to interact will each other's. Know how to enable or disable comments in Blogger. The second one is showing dates in posts that helps visitors to know whether the content is evergreen or not. The third one thing is that to set Google Search Engine Bar in to your blogger website. Here i will tell you in this post that how can you add Google custom search engine bar in to your blogger bloge.

How to add Google Custom Search Engine Bar in Blogger 

The Best Solution to Rank up your website in World Wide Web i mean in Google Search Engine then you can put Google Search Engine Tab in to your website. Google Custom Search Engine that are extremely efficient in digging out the most important data from your blog and displays it to the visitors. This will increase the number of page views and impression of your blog.

Create Custom Search Engine and Add it To your Blogger

  1. First Go to Google Custom Search Engine Page.
  2. Log in with your Google Gmail Account and Enter your site URL in the sites to search box Like example (

  3. Choose Your desired language is suitable for you and for your users who visit your website.
  4. Type a name in the "Name" box / example (Your Blog).
  5. Now complete this process then click on save button.
  6. Congratulation now your Google Search Console tabe has been created.
  7. Now hit on the receive code button to get your search engine script is looks like that

  8. Now hit on Public URL to view your search engine page.

How can submit this code in to your Blogger?

  • Its very simple and easy Just Log in to your Blogger Account.
  • Click On Theme Layout and you can see you blog side bar and in this menu you can click on Add new Gadget. 
  • Add HTML Gadget and put your copy code in to it and click save now all don. 

Change Tab Color, Style and view of search easily. You can see these steps also in under pictures.

Add Detail of your search engine description.

Here in Top picture you can change search engine view style easily that you like is better for your website and for your users who can come and see on to your website.

Here you can easily change theme of the Search engine style.


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How to Add Blogger Website to Google Webmaster Tool

Anonymous May 17, 2018
Hello and welcome to Here on this post i will tell you that how can you submit your blog blogger or website in to Google Webmaster Tool. Google Webmaster tool is a tool that can help your website to show your blog posts in to Google Webmaster tool. Google is a first search engine over the world that can be used in all over the world. It will be increasing blogger visitors. Google Webmaster can index Blogger and show in Google Search result.

Here is Step by Step guide how do you submit your blog in to Google webmaster tool.

  1. First of all Log in to your Google Blogger Blog.
  2. After it just Click on Setting Button.
  3. Then Click on Search Preferences Button.
  4. In This portion you can see Google Search Console Option and in front of it you can be able to see the option of Edit, Just click on it.

  5. When you click on Edit option you can going to Google Webmaster Tool page where you can be able to submit your Blog Blogger or Website to Google Webmaster Tool.

  6. You can Submit your Blogger Blog or Website Url in to this section is showing under red line. after if they will give a verification code for your website you can put this code in to blogger bog . This Code is looks like that

  7. After You Put This Google Webmaster Tool Code in to your Blogger Blog Theme then you click on Verify Button and your website is now being verified you can easily submit all your blogger website url's in to Google Search Engine. 


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How to Add Custom Robots.Txt File in Blogger

Anonymous May 13, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you how can you Add Custom Robots.Txt file in to your Blogger blog or website. In blogger it is known as custom robots.txt that means now you can customize this file according to your choice. For better performance of your blog you need to optimize it for better SEO. A better SEO is also needed to get organic traffic from search engine. One great step towards a better SEO is adding step towards a better SEO is adding robots.txt file to your blog. It will tells the Google Search Engine to Crawl all of your webpages and sumitted it to Google Search Engine Appearance. 

What is Robots.txt File?

Robots.txt is a text file which contains few lines of simple code. It is saved on the website or blog's server which instruct the web crawlers so that it can't get indexed in search engines like your blog labels page, your demo page or any other page that you can submit on to your blogger blog. With the help of this file Search Engine crawlers always scan the robots.txt file before crawling any blog.

Adding Robots.txt to your Blogger Blog

Go to your blogger blog
Navigate to setting Search Preferences

In This Portion just click on Google Search Console Edit button

After clicking on Edit Button Just Past this code in to this box.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
Disallow: User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: / Sitemap:

Here is Another Code for Your Blog

 User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

How to Check your Robots.txt File working good

After adding this code in to your blogger blog. Simply add /robots.txt after your blog address and you will be able to show your robots.txt file.


I how this Article is really help full for you to submitted robots.txt file in to your bloge. I tried my best to make this tutorial as simple and informative as possible. But if still if you have any doubt or any issue about this article or about these both two codes so please tell use any time. Thanks user to reading this tutorial. If you liked it then please support me to spread my words by sharing this post on your social media profiles.

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap In to Google Webmaster Tool

Anonymous May 13, 2018
Hello and welcome to Here on this post i will tell you that how can you submit Blogger sitmap in to Google Webmaster tool. Its very simple and easy. Indexing all your posts in Google is the best way to attract huge organic visits to your bloge or website. Google Webmaster tool is a method for any website to show their posts in to Google Search Engine. Getting this thing easier we can submit sitmap of our all blogs posts to Google in one go and they all will get submitted to Google Webmaster tool and show in Google Search Engine if any user search in Google Search Engine. So in this article we are going to to learn that how we can easily submit sitemap of our Blog in to Google Webmaster tool.

Introduction of Sitemap / What is Sitemap? 

A Sitemap is an XML file which contains the list of all pages in our blogs. Sitemap improves blog's crawling rate and it also helps search engines to index your bloge posts, pages in to Google Search Engine  Index. Simple words is that Sitemap tell Google Search Engine to all of your blog content on your bloge.

Submitted Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

  1. Log in to Your Google Webmaster Tool Account.
  2. Click on the blog for which you want to submit the sitemap.
  3. Go to crawl Sitemap portion.
  4. Click on the ADD Sitemap at the upper right corner. In the box Copy paste the following code.


You can also see in picture that can given upper of this sentence.

 Here is another type of Sitemap Method to submitted it in to your Google Webmaster tool.



At the end of the post i will only say that i hop this post is very helpful for you. If you have any question  of this post are giving us any suggestion about our blog so please say any time. I hop you all easily submit sitemap in to Google Webmaster Tool easily.

How to Add Stylish Sitemap in Blogger

Anonymous May 12, 2018
Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here on this Post i will show that how can you add a Sitemap Stylish Page in to your Blogger Page. Stylish Sitemap is our site structure when we create Stylish Sitemap and we add stylish stiemap in our blogger then visitor can easily find their post.

Here is Important Steps that help you out to learn about a stylish Sitemap Page adding to your blogger website.

01)    First of All going to Blogger Pages section.

02)    Second Click on create new Page button.

03)  In the Page creating section you can copy the above code and paste it in to it with HTML portion.

(04)  Now just past the copying code in this section and publish this Page with the name of Sitemap.

Here is Sitemap Code for your sitemap page.
<script type="text/javascript">var numposts = 100;var standardstyling = true;function showrecentposts(json) {for (var i = 0; i < numposts; i++) {var entry = json.feed.entry[i];var posttitle = entry.title.$t;var posturl;if (i == json.feed.entry.length) break;for (var k = 0; k <; k++) {if ([k].rel == 'alternate') {posturl =[k].href;break;    }   }posttitle =;if (standardstyling) document.write('<li>');document.write(posttitle);  }if (standardstyling) document.write('</li>'); }</script><br /><ul><script src=""></script></ul>

This is Simple and beautiful Style of Sitemap of your blog. If you want to see demo of this page so please click Here

Here is the Second Style of Sitemap for Your Blogger

<style>p.labels a{color: #242424; text-transform: uppercase;font-size: 15px;} {color: #0000FF;}ol li{list-style-type:decimal;line-height:25px;}</style><script>//<![CDATA[var postTitle=new Array();var postUrl=new Array();var postPublished=new Array();var postDate=new Array();var postLabels=new Array();var postRecent=new Array();var sortBy="titleasc";var tocLoaded=false;var numChars=250;var postFilter="";var numberfeed=0;function bloggersitemap(a){function b(){if("entry" in a.feed){var d=a.feed.entry.length;numberfeed=d;ii=0;for(var h=0;h<d;h++){var n=a.feed.entry[h];var e=n.title.$t;var m=n.published.$t.substring(0,10);var j;for(var g=0;g<;g++){if([g].rel=="alternate"){[g].href;break}}var o="";for(var g=0;g<;g++){if([g].rel=="enclosure"){[g].href;break}}var c="";if("category" in n){for(var g=0;g<n.category.length;g++){c=n.category[g].term;var f=c.lastIndexOf(";");if(f!=-1){c=c.substring(0,f)}postLabels[ii]=c;postTitle[ii]=e;postDate[ii]=m;postUrl[ii]=j;postPublished[ii]=o;if(h<10){postRecent[ii]=true}else{postRecent[ii]=false}ii=ii+1}}}}}b();sortBy="titleasc";sortPosts(sortBy);sortlabel();tocLoaded=true;displayToc2();document.write('</br><div class="sitemap-link"><a href="" style="font-size: 10px; text-decoration:none; color: #5146CD;">Get This Widget</a></div>')}function filterPosts(a){scroll(0,0);postFilter=a;displayToc(postFilter)}function allPosts(){sortlabel();postFilter="";displayToc(postFilter)}function sortPosts(d){function c(e,g){var f=postTitle[e];postTitle[e]=postTitle[g];postTitle[g]=f;var f=postDate[e];postDate[e]=postDate[g];postDate[g]=f;var f=postUrl[e];postUrl[e]=postUrl[g];postUrl[g]=f;var f=postLabels[e];postLabels[e]=postLabels[g];postLabels[g]=f;var f=postPublished[e];postPublished[e]=postPublished[g];postPublished[g]=f;var f=postRecent[e];postRecent[e]=postRecent[g];postRecent[g]=f}for(var b=0;b<postTitle.length-1;b++){for(var a=b+1;a<postTitle.length;a++){if(d=="titleasc"){if(postTitle[b]>postTitle[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="titledesc"){if(postTitle[b]<postTitle[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="dateoldest"){if(postDate[b]>postDate[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="datenewest"){if(postDate[b]<postDate[a]){c(b,a)}}if(d=="orderlabel"){if(postLabels[b]>postLabels[a]){c(b,a)}}}}}function sortlabel(){sortBy="orderlabel";sortPosts(sortBy);var a=0;var b=0;while(b<postTitle.length){temp1=postLabels[b];firsti=a;do{a=a+1}while(postLabels[a]==temp1);b=a;sortPosts2(firsti,a);if(b>postTitle.length){break}}}function sortPosts2(d,c){function e(f,h){var g=postTitle[f];postTitle[f]=postTitle[h];postTitle[h]=g;var g=postDate[f];postDate[f]=postDate[h];postDate[h]=g;var g=postUrl[f];postUrl[f]=postUrl[h];postUrl[h]=g;var g=postLabels[f];postLabels[f]=postLabels[h];postLabels[h]=g;var g=postPublished[f];postPublished[f]=postPublished[h];postPublished[h]=g;var g=postRecent[f];postRecent[f]=postRecent[h];postRecent[h]=g}for(var b=d;b<c-1;b++){for(var a=b+1;a<c;a++){if(postTitle[b]>postTitle[a]){e(b,a)}}}}function displayToc(a){var l=0;var h="";var e="Post Title";var m="Click to sort by title";var d="Date";var k="Click to sort by date";var c="Category";var j="";if(sortBy=="titleasc"){m+=" (descending)";k+=" (newest first)"}if(sortBy=="titledesc"){m+=" (ascending)";k+=" (newest first)"}if(sortBy=="dateoldest"){m+=" (ascending)";k+=" (newest first)"}if(sortBy=="datenewest"){m+=" (ascending)";k+=" (oldest first)"}if(postFilter!=""){j="Click to view all"}h+="<table>";h+="<tr>";h+='<td class="header1">';h+='<a href="javascript:toggleTitleSort();" title="'+m+'">'+e+"</a>";h+="</td>";h+='<td class="header2">';h+='<a href="javascript:toggleDateSort();" title="'+k+'">'+d+"</a>";h+="</td>";h+='<td class="header3">';h+='<a href="javascript:allPosts();" title="'+j+'">'+c+"</a>";h+="</td>";h+='<td class="header4">';h+="Read all";h+="</td>";h+="</tr>";for(var g=0;g<postTitle.length;g++){if(a==""){h+='<tr><td class="entry1"><a href="'+postUrl[g]+'">'+postTitle[g]+'</a></td><td class="entry2">'+postDate[g]+'</td><td class="entry3">'+postLabels[g]+'</td><td class="entry4"><a href="'+postPublished[g]+'">Read</a></td></tr>';l++}else{z=postLabels[g].lastIndexOf(a);if(z!=-1){h+='<tr><td class="entry1"><a href="'+postUrl[g]+'">'+postTitle[g]+'</a></td><td class="entry2">'+postDate[g]+'</td><td class="entry3">'+postLabels[g]+'</td><td class="entry4"><a href="'+postPublished[g]+'">Read</a></td></tr>';l++}}}h+="</table>";if(l==postTitle.length){var f='<span class="toc-note">Show All '+postTitle.length+" Posts<br/></span>"}else{var f='<span class="toc-note">Show '+l+" posts by category '";f+=postFilter+"' the "+postTitle.length+" Total Posts<br/></span>"}var b=document.getElementById("toc");b.innerHTML=f+h}function displayToc2(){var a=0;var b=0;while(b<postTitle.length){temp1=postLabels[b];document.write("<p/>");document.write('<p class="labels"><a href="/search/label/'+temp1+'">'+temp1+"</a></p><ol>");firsti=a;do{document.write("<li>");document.write('<a class="post-titles" href="'+postUrl[a]+'">'+postTitle[a]+"</a>");if(postRecent[a]==true){document.write(' - <strong><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">New!</span></strong>')}document.write("</li>");a=a+1}while(postLabels[a]==temp1);b=a;document.write("</ol>");sortPosts2(firsti,a);if(b>postTitle.length){break}}}function toggleTitleSort(){if(sortBy=="titleasc"){sortBy="titledesc"}else{sortBy="titleasc"}sortPosts(sortBy);displayToc(postFilter)}function toggleDateSort(){if(sortBy=="datenewest"){sortBy="dateoldest"}else{sortBy="datenewest"}sortPosts(sortBy);displayToc(postFilter)}function showToc(){if(tocLoaded){displayToc(postFilter);var a=document.getElementById("toclink")}else{alert("Just wait... 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Note: Please Replace this Red Section with your own blogger domain name and save the page.
If you want to check this second code demo so please click on our Sitemap Page link and see the style of this second sitemap style.

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How to Move your Website to HTTPS

Anonymous May 05, 2018
Welcome to On this Post i will tell you about HTTP:// and HTTPS:// and Guide you that how can you Move your Website from http:// to https:// step by step guidness.

Http: // is non secure internet connection and HTTPS: // is a secure connection of a web server. In address bar of a browser you have noticed http: // or https: // at the time of browsing a website? If neither of these are present then mostly liked it's http: // let's find out the difference. In short of these are the protocols using which information of a particular website is trans changed between web server and web browser. But what's the difference between these two? Well extra is present in https and that makes it safe for everyone.

Some Deferences between HTTP: // and HTTPS: //
  • HTTP URL starts with http: // where URL start with https: /.
  • HTTP uses port number 80 for communication and HTTPS uses 443.
  • HTTP is considered to be unsecured and HTTPS is Secure for website owner.
  • HTTP works at application layer and HTTPS works at Transport Layer.
  • In HTTP encryption is absent and encryption present in HTTPS as discussed above.
  • HTTP does not need any certificates and HTTPS needs SSL certificates
  • HTTP is not guaranteed to secure your website and HTTPS is guaranteed for a website secure.
Enable Https:// in Blogger 

If you are using Blogger Blogspot then you can do these steps to enable HTTPS in to your bloge or in Website.

  1. Blogger can give you free this HTTPS:// (SSL) service 
  2. Log in to your Blogger Account 
  3. Click on Setting and Click on Basic button also front in default mode.
  4. On the Next you can see in HTTPS portion to enable https:// for yor blog.
  5. If you are using custom domain like then you can see two option in this portion one is for your custom domain https:// enable option and the other one is for your blogspot sub domain option. If you can only use sub domain like then you can only see one option in this field

  6. After seeing these option you can just enable these two options. 
  7. Then Save your setting it will take some time to settup https:// for you website
  8. after 5 to 10 minutes its completely able to your website to be secure for other users.
  9. For confimation you can just type in new browser window address bar option to just dial and you can see your work there.  your website address bar looks like that

  10. It Don on to your website now your website is secure.
  11. No any hacker can be able to hack your website.

Free HTTPS for Other Platform Websites

On those websites that can not using blogger then don't worry here are solution for your websites. 
Some Top level website are provides SSL services for free. 

This Website give you Free SSL services for your website. You can be able to Secure your website for free with this web server

SSL Comodo is a USA web server that can provide you free HTTPS SSL service for your blog or website. You can easily just creat an account on this website and enter you website and they can give you SSL services for free.


Cloud Flare is one of the best SSL services provider in this world. I am also use it SSL certificates Method to secure my website. Cloud Flare give you free SSL services for your website.

Cloud Bric is also very famous SSL Services provider online for free. You can use it to secure your website from Hackers.


I hope this Post is very useful for you. If you have any question related of this post and if you have any issue about SSL Certificates enabling in to your website then you can comment here i will reply you as fast as i can do.

Top Torrent Websites

Anonymous May 05, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this post you can find out Latest Top 10 Torrent Sites on the web. Torrents sites are always use for Movies and some big and important files download platform. Below is the full list of the ten most visit Torrent sites at the start of the new year the list is based on various traffic reports and we display the Alexa Rank for each.

Most Popular Torrent Sites                                      


The Pirate Bay is the King of Torrents once again and also the oldest site in this list and also on World Wide Web. The past year has been relatively quiet for the notorious torrent site which is currently operating from its domain name. On Pirate Bay you can find out latest movies in original print. On this Site you can also find out All type of Hollywood, Bollywood, Chines and other countries websites.


Kiskass Torrents is one of the top best and most popular torrent sites on the internet. it is indexing more than thousands of torrents every day. Kickass Torrents offers both torrent file downloads and then magnet links for the file download. Kickass upload Movies, Shows, Dramas, Music, Books, Games, Application for PC and Mobiles. This is a best website on the internet to find out latest stuff you want to download from internet for free.


EXTRATORRENT was found in 2006. Extra Torrent offers both torrent file to downloads and then magnet links for the file to be download it from torrent software. It Alexa Ranking is 458 and very reliable to be used it.


Rarbg (RBG) was founded in 2008. It has been affiliate with,, and Rarbg Torrents offers both .torrent fiel downloads and then magnet links for the file download. It Alexa Rank is 861.

YTS.AG Movies Torrents website and it was founded in 2011. is an official YIFY group which is most popular and best torrent sites for movies download. It offer both .Torrent file and then magnet links for torrent downloads. It's Alexa Rank is 943.

1337X Torrenets

1337X is a new Torrent site which was started in 2014 with new domain extension 1337x has some rules for torrent unloaders. It offers both .torrent file downloads and then magnet links for the file download. Alexa Rank is 1,125


Torrent Hounds Movies Torrents Website and it was Launched in 2011. Torrent Hounds is an official group which is most popular and best torrent sites for movie downloads. It offer both .Torrent file and then magnet links for torrent software downloads. Alexa Rank of the Website is 943.

ISOHUNT Torrent 

ISOHunt was launched in 2003. Unlike he Pirate Bay isoHunt never ignor DMCA reques. IsoHunt provide both Torrent file downloads and then Magnet links for the all categories. Alexa Rank is 3,83.


At the end of the post i will only say i hop this post content is very use full for you. This post help you out to find out amazing torrent website that you want on the web.

What can do to buy Dropped Domain online

Anonymous May 01, 2018
Hello to Here on this post you can be able to find out that what can you before buy new domain. Domain is a important part of any website it is a identity of any website that can be launched online. With more and more business building an online presence a useful original domain name may be difficult to find. However dropped domains may be the perfect opportunity for you to begin building your business online identity.

What is Dropped Domain?

First question is coming in to your mind is what is Dropped Domain? So its explanation is A domain is simply put, the more memorable name of a website or URL rather that a string of letters, numbers and symbols. The Dropped Domain means that it has expired or be band from Google search engine.

Know Before you Buy new Domain 

Some of important things that you can be able to know before you want to buy new domain. First of all Check the Page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA) for domains before you buy.

You can use Open site Explorer, They let you judge quality of domain that you want to buy online.

Know if New Domain Banned from Google

It is a very important part of any domain that you know it before to buy a dropped down domain from any website or from any person who can be the owner of the Domain. it might have a high rating but if it can't be found by search engines, it's not useful.

You can Use your domain names in the Google Cache, an online tool that lets you see what version of the page is currently in it index. You just type your Domain like that
in the Google search box to make sure it shows up or running as well as a website that can be able to rune online.

You can also use these tools to Know if your domain is banned from Google. 

These Four Online Website that can help you out to tell you if your domain is banned from google.

Know about Transfer of Ownership 

Check the WHOIS database for domain information or Domain Ownership that should be change many times in last few years.

Get to know PageRank 

Page Rank can be manipulated to make a domain look attractive for you or not. Tools like Fake PR checker will help you catch expired domains that in fact have fake ranking.


At the end of this Article i will say you to buy new domain with a little bit of carefulness. Because many domain have to be Dropped domain is like that they are banned from Google. Armed with knowledge and the right tools you can investigate dropped domain ready for you to take your business to the next level.

How to make money online

Anonymous May 01, 2018
Hello Visitor and Welcome to On this Post you can be able to know that how can you make money online in 2018 for free. On World Wide Web Maximum 200 Quality, clear and dependable ways to make money online for free. On this post i present to you the most comprehensive list of ways to make money online. From freelancing to flipping this list has it all if you have ever wanted to quite your 9-5 desk jobs and start living the laptop lifestyle with an online business here your guide fully.


First of all i want to tell you about Freelancing. This is most important type of earning online for free if you are expert in some especial fields of computer. i put freelance work first because it's something you can start today with zero up front investment. And if you take the time move beyond writing and master a specialized in demand skill you can easily earn 5 figures per month easily. Thats really a good news for you.

Here are just a few of the Most in demand freelance Positions where you can be able to earn online with the help of freelancing.

  1. Writing 
  2. Graphic Design 
  3. Programming 
  4. Customer Services
  5. Internet Marketing 
  6. Translating 
  7. SEO Strategy 
  8. SEO Maintenance 
  9. Website Designer
  10. Website Theme Maker

Here are some Important and Big platform for Freelancer.

I put freelance work first because it something you can start today with zero up front investment. And if you take the time to move beyond writing and master specialized in demand skill move beyond writing and master a specialized in demand skill you can easily earn 5 figures per month.

Here is another Make Money Online method is Affiliate Marketing. Who says you need your own product to make money online?. Top affiliate marketers like pay flynn and john chow make enviable 6 figures incomes by recommending other people products. With the help of Affiliate Marketing you can make good money online on daily basis.

Some Big Affiliate Marketing Companies List 

Here is another Most important method to make money online. People are sick and tired of buying the same mass produced crap that everyone else has. And they are willing to pay big bucks for something handmade and unique. if you have a knack for sewing arts and crafts expert then you can be able to make money online. 

Some Important Websites Links that can help you to Sell your things Online

Blogging is a Most famous and important part of making money online. Ever want to turn your passion into profit then blogging may be your answer. However, before you being it is important that understand that blogging is not the fact track to millions. If you follow the story of the most successful blogger on the planet like seth godin and perez hilton you'll noticed that they had to hustle like made to get where they are at. If your blogger site is famous on this plannet then you can be able to earn online $ 10K per month.

List of Best Blogging Platform 

Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys are one of the easiest ways to start making money online. That being said they definitely won't bring home anytime close to a full time salary, consider surveys a side dish to your make money online. Paid Surveys website allow to the user to make some surveys on the server where he stand and after survey the website that can pay you off for your survey. 

List of Paid Surveys Website

Sometime Search engines Simply aren't enough That's where Q&A sites come in, when someone needs a personalized answer in a hurry, the often turn to popular answer sites to get the help they need. If you're an expert in a particular field then you can make some side money by answering questions. Probably the most popular Q&A sites on the internet well paid. But you really do need to know your stuff. Credentials and degrees help you get more money per answer.

If you want start diving traffic to your site in minutes, then you'd be hard pressed to beat PPC marketing. However unless you know what he doing, PPC costs can add up last. To make PPC work you'll need to test keywords, ads. Landing pages and offers like made to find a profitable combination, But when you do you can scale things up and start making serious money every month that you want to make it online. And if you run your own site and want to monetize it online with Monitization Server so it should be really help full for you. 

Ever since joining a popular peer to peer lending service called lending club a few years age i have been ranking in an incredible 15 percent intereste rate on my microloans. And while 15 percent of a few thousand bucks won't make your rich. it's one of the true passive income sources online.

Create a Membership Site

If you can provide monthly value to a niche market then you may want to consider setting up a membership site. The best thing about membership site is that you get a semi predictable recurring income month after month. How ever to gain and keep subscribes you'll need to deliver tremendous value on a near daily basis. This isn't for those that like set is forget it business. But those who try their best and achieve the goal they have to be want to do.

At the End of the Post i will say only that if you can focus on your work then you can be able to achieve your goal that you can want to achieve it. These are some important and topic wise websites you can just open a site that you think that you can be able to do that. Every Category type website that should be put on this post is give you extra money for your pocket and if you can give some extra time to these website then these websites that can give allot of money.

How to Improve WordPress Security

Anonymous May 01, 2018
Hello Reader In this post i will tell you that how can you protect your WordPress website from Hackers. WordPress Security is a topic of huge importance for every website who has to be the owner of the website. Each week Google blacklist around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for pushing. if your are serous about your website then you need to know about your website security.

Where did WordPress blogs Get Hacked?

WordPress Blog Get Hacked from these resources.

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Weak Password of your Website

So Now a question is coming in to your mind that how can you Protect your Website from Hackers.

Here are some important tips for your WordPress website that can help you to protect your website from hackers.

Do not use the default Admin account
    Close comment system after 40 to 80 days
      Get ride of the Login link from your blog
        Always keep WordPress software and website keep up to date
          Report Wordpress Bugs and security issues regularly
            Lock Down file permission and write access
              Use a WordPress security Plugin and limit Login Attempts
                Consider Two Step Authentication 
                  Update every thing in to your Wordpress website
                    Install a web application firewall 
                      Hide Admin pages
                        Take a limit of uploading images
                          Use SSL security Level for website domain
                            Re Evaluate your web host's backups and recovery 
                              Check your Host speed stability security and up time
                                Re Evaluate your website theme and plugins
                                  Ensure your computer is free of Malware and virus infections
                                    Work from Trusted networks and avoid INTERNET cafes and free wifi where possible 
                                      Make sure your passwords are strong including wordpress email etc.
                                        Take advantage of a CDNs firewall

                                          Disable file editing
                                            change the default admin user name
                                            Change wordpress Database prefix
                                            Disable directory indexing and browsing
                                            Install a wordpress backup solution 

                                            Top 10 Most Important SEO Tips for URL Optimization

                                            Anonymous May 01, 2018
                                            Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you About URL Optimization SEO tips. URL is a Main Method to take your website hight in Google page rank. After reading this post you can be able to realize that much different to read out this post.

                                            Top Tips

                                            Use Readable URLs Only

                                            You can make sure that you can only use cookies when you create a new post. If humans can not read or understand your URLs or can search engines then it will really be bad news for your website.

                                             Use hyphens in URLs

                                            You can always use hyphen in URL because Google does not read underscores Urls. Avoid Overly Complex URLs that contain multiple parameters. Use readable words in your URL structure not a long string number. Choose a URL that describes pages and gives people a reason to click your link. According to Google URLs with hyphens (-) preferably over those who use Underscore (_).

                                            Put Top Content in the Root Folder

                                            Always try to Put relevant and top content in your website. Try to upload content that can be useful for your website. URL structure can signal the top content because it is in your root folder. Example: htttps: //

                                            No Capital Letters in URLs

                                            Do not use capitals letters in your website posts URLs. Because when you try to put some capital words in your blog or website URL then it should be really bad for your website. Because Google does not get these types of URLs on top that are used in their URLs in capital letters. URLs are sensitive to so sensitive and avoid engusing visitors.

                                            Block Bad URLs with Robots.txt

                                            A robots.txt file is a file in the root of yor site that indicates those parts of your site you do not want accessible by search engine crawlers. If you realize that some bade URLs are interrupted by your website performance, you can block bad URLs. with robots.txt.

                                            Add Mobile URLs to Sitemaps

                                            Always Add Mobile URLs in your site Sitemaps. Identify mobile friendly pages in sitemas so they are ranked high in mobile search results.

                                            Use Canonical URLs

                                            A Canonical URL refers to an HTML link element, with the attribute of rel = "canonical" found in the <head> element of your webpage. Avoid a duplicate content sentence by looking engines your preferred domain and preferred web pages.

                                            Upload a Favicon

                                            Favicon is an important part of a website that can be published online. Build your brand and build trust with your visitors and search engines.

                                            USE 301 Redirects

                                            Tell Google about changes to your URLs so you do not lose your rankings. 301 Redirects is a good and reliable for any website if a url is broken, you can delete it from your website. 301 Redirects can automatically redirects your website homepage automatically.

                                            Add Target Keywords in URLs

                                            Key words are an important part of any website that can move on in the top search engine.
                                            Search engines read URLs so they can better connect their users with relevant content.
                                            Example: etc.

                                            How can make a Website for Free

                                            Anonymous May 01, 2018
                                            Hello and welcome to On this post you can be able to learn about how can make a website for free. This is my Personal Method to make a website for free. With this method you can only Buy Domain Under $1 and start your blog or website through WordPress Platform.

                                            Here is the Link you want to create Wordpress website so Just click on this link and create your website for free with free wordpress web hosting.


                                   provide you Free Cloud Hosting Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth. If you want to create a powerful , successful and effective website in WordPress or by manually coding Viewen is the best way to create your website.

                                   Cloud Hosting Specification

                                            Using Free Web Hosting and Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel. This is a good and responsive free web hosting provider in the world like paid web hosting providers. It is reliable and it has 99.99% uptime checked from pingdom paid services and site loading time from cloudflare over https viewen also provides froo SSL origin certificates so people checking for the same can get those. Last but not the least the support is just amazing have always got response with in 24 hours of the ticket raised. Without any doubt you can use it for free with fully reliable and responsive on chating. Your can also see its proof on it Facebook Page It is the best of all other web hosting provider. i would also compare it with some of the paid hosting that i have used in the past viewen supasses all of them. They Provide you Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Bandwidth+ Free Froo SSL+ multiple Email Accounts etc. The community is great the support team is even better, And the service they provide are worth the time you spend on building a website or blog.

                                            Create New Account 

                                            If you are the new user then you can click on this link Create a New AccountAfter Create a new account they will send you email to verify it.

                                            • After verify your account you can Log In to your account.
                                            • Open A Ticket with title "Account Activation" 
                                            • in the Ticket Details just mention your domain and a brief purpose that why you want to creat your free cloud account on this platform.
                                            • When the team gets the ticket they will reply with a few questions please full answers to the questions. These questions will determine whether the ticket opener is a spammer or a loyal citizen carefully answer each question.
                                            • If your application reject then it should depend on your answers that what can you give the answer of their question. But don't worry you can apply it again and give answer again and you will be able to create your free website webhosting account. 
                                            • Once approved your application check your email for details your cPanel username and password, nameservers and some server details will be there. 

                                            Here is the Video that tell you how can you Make free account on this Platform.


                                            An other thing that you have to do is like Facebook Fan Page and take it screenshot to provide them as Attachment. This method is also important for Approved Free WebHosting Account.


                                            At the end of this post i will only say that this is a use full post for your to get your website Online.
                                            You can just Buy your Domain From and registered there on this website and start posting on to your website. If you want any help from mine so please comment on this post i will response you as fast as i can do.