How to add Google Custom Search Engine Bar in Blogger

Anonymous May 19, 2018
Hello and welcome to On this post you can be able to learn about Google Search Engine Bar in Blogger. How can you set Google Search Engine Bar in to your Blogger or Website. A blog in order to give a best user experience must possesses three important things. One is commenting system that helps users to interact will each other's. Know how to enable or disable comments in Blogger. The second one is showing dates in posts that helps visitors to know whether the content is evergreen or not. The third one thing is that to set Google Search Engine Bar in to your blogger website. Here i will tell you in this post that how can you add Google custom search engine bar in to your blogger bloge.

How to add Google Custom Search Engine Bar in Blogger 

The Best Solution to Rank up your website in World Wide Web i mean in Google Search Engine then you can put Google Search Engine Tab in to your website. Google Custom Search Engine that are extremely efficient in digging out the most important data from your blog and displays it to the visitors. This will increase the number of page views and impression of your blog.

Create Custom Search Engine and Add it To your Blogger

  1. First Go to Google Custom Search Engine Page.
  2. Log in with your Google Gmail Account and Enter your site URL in the sites to search box Like example (

  3. Choose Your desired language is suitable for you and for your users who visit your website.
  4. Type a name in the "Name" box / example (Your Blog).
  5. Now complete this process then click on save button.
  6. Congratulation now your Google Search Console tabe has been created.
  7. Now hit on the receive code button to get your search engine script is looks like that

  8. Now hit on Public URL to view your search engine page.

How can submit this code in to your Blogger?

  • Its very simple and easy Just Log in to your Blogger Account.
  • Click On Theme Layout and you can see you blog side bar and in this menu you can click on Add new Gadget. 
  • Add HTML Gadget and put your copy code in to it and click save now all don. 

Change Tab Color, Style and view of search easily. You can see these steps also in under pictures.

Add Detail of your search engine description.

Here in Top picture you can change search engine view style easily that you like is better for your website and for your users who can come and see on to your website.

Here you can easily change theme of the Search engine style.


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