How to Improve WordPress Security

Hello Reader In this post i will tell you that how can you protect your WordPress website from Hackers. WordPress Security is a topic of huge importance for every website who has to be the owner of the website. Each week Google blacklist around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for pushing. if your are serous about your website then you need to know about your website security.

Where did WordPress blogs Get Hacked?

WordPress Blog Get Hacked from these resources.

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Weak Password of your Website

So Now a question is coming in to your mind that how can you Protect your Website from Hackers.

Here are some important tips for your WordPress website that can help you to protect your website from hackers.

Do not use the default Admin account
    Close comment system after 40 to 80 days
      Get ride of the Login link from your blog
        Always keep WordPress software and website keep up to date
          Report Wordpress Bugs and security issues regularly
            Lock Down file permission and write access
              Use a WordPress security Plugin and limit Login Attempts
                Consider Two Step Authentication 
                  Update every thing in to your Wordpress website
                    Install a web application firewall 
                      Hide Admin pages
                        Take a limit of uploading images
                          Use SSL security Level for website domain
                            Re Evaluate your web host's backups and recovery 
                              Check your Host speed stability security and up time
                                Re Evaluate your website theme and plugins
                                  Ensure your computer is free of Malware and virus infections
                                    Work from Trusted networks and avoid INTERNET cafes and free wifi where possible 
                                      Make sure your passwords are strong including wordpress email etc.
                                        Take advantage of a CDNs firewall

                                          Disable file editing
                                            change the default admin user name
                                            Change wordpress Database prefix
                                            Disable directory indexing and browsing
                                            Install a wordpress backup solution