How to Install Template in Blogger

Hello and Welcome to Here on this post, I will tell you that how can you Upload or Install a Theme in Blogger. It is a very simple and easy way to install a theme on to Blogger BlogSpot. Install a Blogger template is easier than you might think. After uploading a single file it is installed and you are ready to start blogging.

Some Important Notes before installing a template on Blogger

  • Do not try to open the XML file on your computer it will display lots of error on to your PC,
  • If you want to install a theme on blogger so you need to create a blog on Blogger Blogspot.
  • You can save your previous template before install a new theme on to your Blogger, It is for that because if you passed any type of code on to your old blogger theme then you can lose these codes and also setting. 
  • Before installation, you should remove any gadgets installed by your previous template unless you want to keep them to your Blog.
  • If you use https:// protocol then you can need to change all https:// address with https:// address otherwise it should be really bad for your website especially give bad effect to the user who comes to your website. 

Install the theme on Blogger

Here are simple and easy way to install a theme on Blogger

01. Log in to Blogger and click on Theme option  

02. When Them Option has been open then you can click on the Backup and Restore button.

03. Just Click On Restore and Backup button and this window can be open.

04. First Click on Download Button and download old version of your Theme. 
05. Now click on Choose file type of .xml and upload it to blogger then save your template now your new theme has been upload to your blogger successfully. 


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