How to Move your Website to HTTPS

Anonymous May 05, 2018
Welcome to On this Post i will tell you about HTTP:// and HTTPS:// and Guide you that how can you Move your Website from http:// to https:// step by step guidness.

Http: // is non secure internet connection and HTTPS: // is a secure connection of a web server. In address bar of a browser you have noticed http: // or https: // at the time of browsing a website? If neither of these are present then mostly liked it's http: // let's find out the difference. In short of these are the protocols using which information of a particular website is trans changed between web server and web browser. But what's the difference between these two? Well extra is present in https and that makes it safe for everyone.

Some Deferences between HTTP: // and HTTPS: //
  • HTTP URL starts with http: // where URL start with https: /.
  • HTTP uses port number 80 for communication and HTTPS uses 443.
  • HTTP is considered to be unsecured and HTTPS is Secure for website owner.
  • HTTP works at application layer and HTTPS works at Transport Layer.
  • In HTTP encryption is absent and encryption present in HTTPS as discussed above.
  • HTTP does not need any certificates and HTTPS needs SSL certificates
  • HTTP is not guaranteed to secure your website and HTTPS is guaranteed for a website secure.
Enable Https:// in Blogger 

If you are using Blogger Blogspot then you can do these steps to enable HTTPS in to your bloge or in Website.

  1. Blogger can give you free this HTTPS:// (SSL) service 
  2. Log in to your Blogger Account 
  3. Click on Setting and Click on Basic button also front in default mode.
  4. On the Next you can see in HTTPS portion to enable https:// for yor blog.
  5. If you are using custom domain like then you can see two option in this portion one is for your custom domain https:// enable option and the other one is for your blogspot sub domain option. If you can only use sub domain like then you can only see one option in this field

  6. After seeing these option you can just enable these two options. 
  7. Then Save your setting it will take some time to settup https:// for you website
  8. after 5 to 10 minutes its completely able to your website to be secure for other users.
  9. For confimation you can just type in new browser window address bar option to just dial and you can see your work there.  your website address bar looks like that

  10. It Don on to your website now your website is secure.
  11. No any hacker can be able to hack your website.

Free HTTPS for Other Platform Websites

On those websites that can not using blogger then don't worry here are solution for your websites. 
Some Top level website are provides SSL services for free. 

This Website give you Free SSL services for your website. You can be able to Secure your website for free with this web server

SSL Comodo is a USA web server that can provide you free HTTPS SSL service for your blog or website. You can easily just creat an account on this website and enter you website and they can give you SSL services for free.


Cloud Flare is one of the best SSL services provider in this world. I am also use it SSL certificates Method to secure my website. Cloud Flare give you free SSL services for your website.

Cloud Bric is also very famous SSL Services provider online for free. You can use it to secure your website from Hackers.


I hope this Post is very useful for you. If you have any question related of this post and if you have any issue about SSL Certificates enabling in to your website then you can comment here i will reply you as fast as i can do.