How to Submit Blogger Sitemap In to Google Webmaster Tool

Hello and welcome to Here on this post i will tell you that how can you submit Blogger sitmap in to Google Webmaster tool. Its very simple and easy. Indexing all your posts in Google is the best way to attract huge organic visits to your bloge or website. Google Webmaster tool is a method for any website to show their posts in to Google Search Engine. Getting this thing easier we can submit sitmap of our all blogs posts to Google in one go and they all will get submitted to Google Webmaster tool and show in Google Search Engine if any user search in Google Search Engine. So in this article we are going to to learn that how we can easily submit sitemap of our Blog in to Google Webmaster tool.

Introduction of Sitemap / What is Sitemap? 

A Sitemap is an XML file which contains the list of all pages in our blogs. Sitemap improves blog's crawling rate and it also helps search engines to index your bloge posts, pages in to Google Search Engine  Index. Simple words is that Sitemap tell Google Search Engine to all of your blog content on your bloge.

Submitted Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

  1. Log in to Your Google Webmaster Tool Account.
  2. Click on the blog for which you want to submit the sitemap.
  3. Go to crawl Sitemap portion.
  4. Click on the ADD Sitemap at the upper right corner. In the box Copy paste the following code.


You can also see in picture that can given upper of this sentence.

 Here is another type of Sitemap Method to submitted it in to your Google Webmaster tool.



At the end of the post i will only say that i hop this post is very helpful for you. If you have any question  of this post are giving us any suggestion about our blog so please say any time. I hop you all easily submit sitemap in to Google Webmaster Tool easily.