Perfect Way to Protect Your Computer from Virus and Malware

Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you how can your Protect your PC from Virus and Malware. Many People ask this question on daily basis that our computer is running slow on window 7 and even on latest operating system like Window 08, 10 etc. When some one computer running slow so its looks like some viruses and malware are interrupted in the performance of Computer.  Here are very easy step to protect your Computer from Viruses and Malware. Internet is not a safe place unless you take some security measures in order to protect. Computer from malicious attacks. Computer experts says that if you connect new computer to the Internet than this new computer will be effected by viruses with in few minutes. Thats unsafe Internet is so its important that you first secure your computer and that connect it with Internet otherwise you will be in the hands of some hackers that can hack your computer and stolen some important things from your computer.

Install an Antiviurs

Antivirus Software is the first line of defense for any computer out there on Internet and without it your are take very big risk of your computer precious data and files that are very important for you.
I am also use an especial Antivirus software that can help me out to Safe me computer from viruses and malware to.

Some Antivirus are very difficult for your computer. They can running your computer slow than before. Some Antivirus can't be able to scan and protect your Computer from these effected things. So here is One and Only important software for your pc to protect it from INTERNET bad things.

I am use Microsoft Security Essentials is very secure and also full version and also supported both operating system 32 bit and 64 bit. So I totally recommended you to download this software to protect your computer from malware and also from Viruses.  It is a Windows defender is also. This can built in to the latest version of Windows and help guard your PC against viruses and other malware. Microsoft Security Essentials is a very lite program for your PC. it can not hanged out your computer.


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