What can do to buy Dropped Domain online

Hello to Getwebinfo.com. Here on this post, you can be able to find out that what can you before buy a new domain. Domain is an important part of any website it is an identity of any website that can be launched online. With more and more business building an online presence a useful original domain name may be difficult to find. However, dropped domains may be the perfect opportunity for you to begin building your business online identity.

What is Dropped Domain?

First question is coming into your mind is what is Dropped Domain? So its explanation is A domain is simply put, the more memorable name of a website or URL rather than a string of letters, numbers, and symbols. The Dropped Domain means that it has expired or been band from Google search engine.

Know Before you Buy new Domain 

Some of the important things that you can be able to know before you want to buy a new domain. First of all, Check the Page authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) for domains before you buy.

You can use Open Site Explorer, They let you judge the quality of domain that you want to buy online.

Know if New Domain Banned from Google

It is a very important part of any domain that you know it before to buy a dropped down domain from any website or from any person who can be the owner of the Domain. it might have a high rating but if it can't be found by search engines, it's not useful.

You can use your domain names in the Google Cache, an online tool that lets you see what version of the page is currently in its index. You just type your Domain like that cache:yourdomainname.com
in the Google search box to make sure it shows up or running as well as a website that can be able to rune online.

You can also use these tools to Know if your domain is banned from Google. 

  1. www.Bannedcheck.com
  2. Isbanned.com
  3. Bannedchecksite.com
  4. iWebtool.com
These Four Online Website that can help you out to tell you if your domain is banned from google.

Know about Transfer of Ownership 

Check the WHOIS database for domain information or Domain Ownership that should be changed many times in the last few years.

Get to know PageRank 

Page Rank can be manipulated to make a domain look attractive for you or not. Tools like Fake PR checker will help you catch expired domains that in fact have fake ranking.


At the end of this Article, I will say you to buy a new domain with a little bit of carefulness. Because many domains have to be Dropped domain is like that they are banned from Google. Armed with knowledge and the right tools you can investigate dropped domain ready for you to take your business to the next level.