How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO 2018

Anonymous June 28, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you that how can you Optimize your Blog post Content for SEO in 2018. Want to write SEO friendly blog posts? Leaning how to do SEO is critical for any serious blogger. In this post we'll share how to optimize your website content for better SEO.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is the basic method of the success of any blog or website. Yet such a confusing and intimidating marketing term for many a blogger and business owner.

SEO Best Practice for 2018

Over the years we've seen that the No.1 thing search engines care about is delivering hight quality useful and relevant information to their user on the right place.

In these order you can do these things.
  • Quality: Is your blog an authority in your niche?
  • Usefulness: Is your Blog or Website post helpful easy to read in depth for others?
  • Relevance: Does your blog post solve a specific problem for a specific user?

The best practices we are about to share are tried and true techniques for helping search engines understand the answers to these questions and rank our blog post better in Search Engines.

Here is some Important Method to Optimize your Blog Posts for Better SEO

01. Optimize Your Meta Tags

Most important this is that to optimize meta tags in your site. Meta tags explain to the search engines what your blog posts are about That's why this is the beginning of any strong SEO campaign. 

If your are using Blogspot then you really need the code is help Google or any search engine to find out your content better online and approach user who searches on search engine.  Your blogger Meta Tags Code is looks like that 

You can fill this code with your own blogger information and then Google can easily search your blog on the top of the list. Title Tag is the king of the All tags and the one that carries the most weight is the title tag. The Title tag seen in two general places. First in the search engine result as the top hyper ling and second it is seen in certain browser tabs.

And if you are using WordPress palteform then you can use Yoast SEO Plugin to mange your blog and your blogger posts. Just install this plug in and you'll see a new widget below the text editor on your blog post edit screen. Click on the snippet preview and then type your title tage into the SEO title field, This is also looking like this: 

Meta Tag Descriptions 

A meta tag description is a brief snippet of content that appears in the search results below your blog posts title tag.

You can edit it in Yoast SEO Plug in is looking like that: 

Image ALT Tags

Last but very important are the Image ALT tags.
Image ALT tags help explain to the search engines what the images on your website are about. After all aside from the filename, your images don't have any text attached to them otherwise.

If You are Using Blogspot Platform so you can do it like that:

Click on image you can put it in to your blog post and then you can see these option just click on Properties and add your desire description in the image alt tags. 

02. Optimize your Body Copy

Next you'll want to go through your content and make sure it's optimized to its full potential.

Analyze what the blog post is about and pick a handful of keywords to target your aim. 
Without keyword stuffing strategically place additional buzz terms with in the content for the search engines to pick up on. You can try to develop a modes keyword density so that its just enough for the search engines to pick up on. The combination of copy optimization optimized title tags. 

03. Make some Internal Links

In addition to copy optimization you will also want to incorporate a handful of internal links 3 or 4 per blog post or page.

Internal links are links to other blog pages or posts on your own site. internal liking helps readers jump around from page to page on your site. Keep it to your mind that don't overload your pages with internal links but naturally select a few keywords or phrases that can be linked to another helpful article or resource for your readers.

05. Top it All off with Quality Baclinks 

With all the on site SEO taken care of now it's time to focus on the off site SEO which helps your to bring everything together. That is it's time to focus on your website baclink building.

Building quality and natural back links to your website can really produce significant results. Backlinks help increase your overall domain authority search engine ranking and organic traffic.

If you can make Guest posting then Guest posting is as simple as contacting relevant websites in your blog niche to see if the're accepting articles on their website. If you get the approval you'd then write an article for them and place a link back to your blog post in the copy or the author bio section. 

Last Words 

SEO : Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing and evolving strategy that takes dedication to stay on top of. However these tried and true methods will most likely always matter in the eyes of Google and other major search engines. Hope this article is really help you out to solve your problem and if you have any question so please comment on this post i'll response you as soon as possible. 

How to increase Cost per Click (CPC) in Google AdSense

Anonymous June 25, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i can tell you that how can you increase your Google Adsense CPC (Cost per Click). This is a very easy and simple step to increase your Google Adsense CPC. If your are a blogger and Adsense is your prime source of revenue, you can't afford to ignore the importance of Adsense optimization. When you trying to talking about Adsense optimization there are many things to do or for doing but the main and important thing to target is to get high CPC and get more Cost per click earning from your blog or website. Here on this post i will help you out to increase your Google Adsense CPC Cost per Click easily after doing some easy and important steps.

How can increase CPC (Cost per Click) in Google Adsense 
  1. First of All Log in to your Google Adsense Account 
  2. After Log in to your Account Successfully 
  3. Click on Blocking Control Menu

  4. After Click on Allow and Block Ads button you can see This window

  5. Here You can Just Click on Advertiser URLs Button and Ad All of these URLs to this Box and Block them because these All URLs are given you low CPC (Cost per Click) So you can blocked all of these then your Adsense Account Generate more money for you. Just Ad all of these in to this box and then click on Blog URLs Button and Its all are block.

    Here are the list of All Low CPC URLs
   06. When you Don this in Your Google Adsense Account then you can see all of these URLs are block by Google Adsense.

How Can Add High Rate CPC (Cost per Click) URLs in Google Adsense Account

The Google New for all of you that you can also ad this list to your Google Adsense Account to increase your CPC. Here is the Simple Method to add this list to your Google Adsense Account. 

Here is the List of High CPC in Google Adsense 

Hearst Digital Media $10.80
InPowered $10.19
Kapanlagi $10.13 $10.11
Open Inventory $9.24
WebAds $8.71
Madhouse Mobile $8.12
CPX Interactive $7.75
Guru Media $7.41
Advertising Alliance $6.59
Compare Group $6.33
transcosmos $6.09
eHealthcare Solutions $6.06
KPI Solutions $5.70
ScaleOut           $5.65
Bannerconnect $5.43
Independent Traveler $5.40
Quantcast $5.29
MediaScience $5.17
AdKnowledge $5.11
Barons Media $4.91
Specific Media $4.81
InterCLICK $4.73
Dun & Bradstreet $4.70
Advantage Media $4.45
Bridge Marketing $4.41
Belgacom $4.39
Connexity $4.32
HealthiNation $4.30
Advertising Technologies $4.28
remerge $4.19
Media Decision $4.17
Performance Advertisin $4.04
AdGear $3.93
Business Ad $3.93
Cyber Communications $3.69
Motricity        $3.66
TruEffect        $3.60
TCS Bank $3.46
MediaMind $3.43
GroupM $3.36
Videology $3.29
SEEK Commercial $3.26
Proclivity $3.15
Advance Media $3.13
Neustar $3.11
iPromote             $3.10
AdLabs   $3.09
Interactive Media Sales $3.07
Technorati $3.05
Meta Network $3.02
Yandex $2.95
Adform $2.90
REA Group $2.86
Fiksu $2.84
Active Agent $2.81
StartApp             $2.77
Didit $2.74
Weborama $2.74
Tremor Media $2.72
PlatformOne $2.71
Sogou $2.63
Hybrid $2.62
Downstream Marketing $2.61
PC World Communications $2.58
Digitize/Medialink - US Account $2.57
ARAnet $2.54
Unruly Media $2.51
OpenX $2.49
Outside Hub $2.45
CyberAgent $2.44
AutoScout24 $2.39
Collective Media $2.39
Media City $2.38
MediaNews Group $2.35
eMar $2.30
CarWale $2.29
Video International $2.28
Internet Brands $2.24
Undertone $2.21
Cirrus Media $2.17
Agenda Media $2.14
Decisive            $2.14
Ignite Video $2.14
Twenga $2.04
AMNET $2.01
Platform ID $2.01
LookSmart $2.00
Nirvana Information $1.99
Innity $1.93
Burst Media $1.91
CBS Interactive $1.89
Tencent $1.89
Demandbase $1.88
MediaWorks $1.88
Mobile Theory $1.88
iContext        $1.87
Adience $1.85
Baidu $1.84
Affinity           $1.80
Inneractive   $1.79
Digital Response $1.78
Mars Technologies $1.77
IQM $1.75
Rubedo $1.72
Magnetic          $1.70
Inspired Mobile $1.68
Times internet $1.67
Torrential $1.65
Scripps $1.60
SteelHouse $1.60
Dennis Publishing $1.59
Future US $1.57
Break Media $1.56
CareerOne $1.55
Sift Media $1.55
Trovit $1.54
evania $1.53
OneScreen $1.52
Conversant $1.51
Netmining $1.48
Carsales         $1.47
Ozone Media $1.46
AdView $1.45
Glimr $1.45
One97 $1.45
Xad           $1.45
xBid $1.45
Demand Media $1.44
Conrad Advertising $1.43
VPON $1.43
Digitouch $1.42
Dynamic Video $1.41
Quartic $1.41
Pilot $1.38
ikoo              $1.36
Financial Times $1.34
Manta Media $1.34
YuMe $1.34
Ritorno $1.31
Verizon w/ DBM $1.31
Adjust $1.29
PickmeUp $1.29
Unique $1.29
The Reach Group $1.27
Ad Pepper $1.26
Black Box Media $1.26
Lotame $1.26
Net Edge          $1.26
Voetbal $1.26
eprofessional $1.25
PriceRunner $1.24
Begun $1.23
Voodoo Video $1.22
SGN $1.20
Interactive One $1.19
Wikia $1.19
GREE $1.17
Longtail             $1.17
Mediasmart $1.17
Answer Media $1.16
Pulse 360 $1.16
Turn $1.15
Emerse $1.14
Microsoft w/ AppNexus $1.13
ZAPR $1.13
Smart Media $1.11
Sojern $1.11
Micro $1.10 $1.06
TVNZ $1.06
OneSpot $1.05
Smartclip $1.05
YD            $1.05
eType $1.04
IMT            $1.04
Bizo $1.02
DataLab USA $1.01 $1.01
Merkle $0.99
Tekka $0.99
The Bridge $0.99
AdMedia $0.96 $0.96
Metacafe         $0.95
Bell Canada $0.94
Harvest Digital $0.93
advanced STORE $0.92
Ignition One $0.91
Rocket Fuel $0.91
Adwell $0.90
BEHE $0.89
Kargo $0.89
Theorem $0.88
Tap Value $0.87
DataMind $0.86
Sales Spider $0.86 $0.85
Suite 66          $0.85
HealthGrades $0.83 $0.83
Wavenet $0.83
Oanda Corporation $0.82
Trulia $0.79
Bonnier $0.78
Mixmarket $0.77
Rakuten US $0.76
Belo $0.75
She Knows $0.75
Opera $0.74
Papaya $0.74
BBC w/DBM $0.73
Chango $0.73
Pocketmath $0.72
Hurra $0.71
NetSeer $0.71
Admeta $0.70
Alveo $0.69
ibibo $0.69
Wise Media $0.69
Jubii $0.68
Kadam $0.68
Avocet $0.67
DoublePositive $0.67
Martini Media $0.66
Rakuten $0.64
Axonix $0.63
TravelClick $0.63
Yoyi $0.62
Redux Media $0.60
Comune S/A $0.59
Digital Throttle $0.57
Tribal Fusion $0.55
Batanga $0.54
News International $0.54
Xplosion         $0.54
FunBox $0.53
Sokrati $0.52
Ntree $0.51
Orbitz Worldwide $0.51
Rockerbox $0.51
US Media Consulting $0.51
EJAM $0.47
3 Interactive $0.46
AccountNow $0.45
Babylon Limited $0.44
Ziff Davis $0.44
Populis $0.43
Bridgewell $0.42 
How can i add these High CPC URLs in to Google Adsense 

01. Just Click On Ad network button in Google Adsense is looking like this given in the picture below.

02. Now just Ad one by one Ad Network in to the Search Box and if this Ad Network is Block then Click on it and its automatically allow this network ad to show its ad to your website and give you more money that you want.. 

Last Words

Hope this Article help you out to increase your Google Adsense income easily. If you like this article so please share this article to your social media accounts thanks.

How to Stop Search Engines From Indexing Specific Posts and Pages in Blogger

Anonymous June 22, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you that how can you stop Search Engines from Indexing Specific Posts and Pages in Blogger?. We all are aware that Google and other Search engines crawl index your whole website to cache your website's pages for their index. The whole of this process is automated but might take some time to don this process by search engine. The admin of the particular website can be able to disallow these pages using robots.txt or using noindex robots header tags. The same can be achieved very easily in blogger blog and we already discussed full guide on adding the custom robots.txt file in blogger and custom robots header tags setting in blogger. But what if we want to prevent search engine crawlers and not to index a specific post or page on our blog.

You just need to follow the easy step by step guide to prevent search engines bots for a specific page.

Just follow these steps to complete the process.....

  1. First of all you need to enable custom robots header setting on your blogger blog. 
  2. After this process go to post or Page Editor from your Blogger blogs dashboard.
  3. Under the post setting you well be shown custom robots tags. Click on that.

  4. Untick the "default" and "all" tick boxes.
  5. Tick right the "noindex" and "non" tick boxes and Click don.

  6. Now you can publish your post or page as per your convenience.
  7. Now you are all set, Now this particular post or particular page will not allow search engines spiders to crawl this post or page.

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How to Increase/ Boost Blogger Traffic

Anonymous June 13, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this Post i will tell you that how can you increase your blogspot Traffic easily. Traffic is a basic key of any blogger or website. If best traffic are coming to your blog then its great if not so this is not a great new at all. Because Google Adsense not accept your bloge for earning. SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It means to increase your blog's traffic manually by search engines. SEO is the main problem for every blogger. There are many ways to drive fake traffic to your blog or site such as traffic exchange sites for example linkcollider, traffup,, ptc sites, traffic swarm, hitleap and many other that you know but its not valid for Google Adsense and is harmful for your blog rank, popularity and index stats. Because Google hates fake or paid traffic. Social networks is also a good way to get visitors but your can't get unique traffic. In this post i am going to tell you have to generate valid traffic from search engines. To make your blog or site 100% SEO optimized you need to do following things to do for better traffic.

Keywords in title of Blog

Describe your blog's content in your blog's title for example if you have a blog about blogger tips then give it a title Blogger tips, Tricks, Gadgets, Widgets and tutorials" it will help search engines to show your blog in results if someone for any of keywords which use in title. Keyword use in title of blog is a very helpful and amazing technique to increase traffic.

Tags in Posts

Whey you write any post take care of having tags in that post. Because search engine will target your tags to show result i search engine. Write tags is (h2) font-size. For Example you are writing a post about a publishing network or what else now you have to write keywords about that publishing network in tags. So that the search engine find your post in search engine bring him up and show to the user who want to know about the topic.

Keywords in Posts Title 

Try to describe your posts summery in your post title. It helpful for SEO as someone search on Search engine for your written keywords in post title the search engine will show your blog in search results.

Lengthy Posts Content 

Try to Put 250 to 300 words in a post. Above 300 words will be more good. And if you want Google Search Engine will put your post on the top of every time so Write a post round about 2000 words then your post can be on the top in Search Engine.

Unique Post Content 

This is a very important part of any website if your website have not been unique content or meaning full content then no any body can come to your website. Your blog should have a unique content so that visitors have a reason to visit your blog. It is very important for SEE to have unique content so to gain unique visitors you have to write unique posts. Another thing is your post should contain more text than images. And it must be helpful and meaningful.

User Friendly 

As a wise man said Simple is better. You blog should have a friendly suer interface it means no pop-ups, no on-click ads, pop-up like boxes because these things frustrates most of the users. Keep a clear and easy navigation so that your visitors could reach easily to what they are looking for on to your website.

Meta Tags and Description 

Write a meta description of your blog. Write about your blog in below code between comas. and Past is below <head> in template.

<meta content='write your description here' name='description'/>

<meta content='write keywords here' name='keywords'/>

Submit Your Blogs URL to Search Engines 

Increase you blog traffic by submitting link to search engines. Three big search engines "Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also Yandex, will accept your link for free.

Submit URL to directories

You can find a huge list of directories on Google. Submit your link to directories for free, it is also helpful to gain unique traffic.

Social Sharing 

Create Fan pages of your blog on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, tumbler, stumble upon etc.

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How to Add Meta Tags in Blogger Blog For SEO

Anonymous June 13, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here you can find out how to add meta tags in blogger blog for better SEO. SEO is very important for blogs and websites so a successful blogs that focus on their blog's SEO. SEO Includes links optimization, images optimization, post title optimization, tags optimization, post description.

How to add meta code in blogger:

As we know that all the blogs are stored in its templates. E.g.gadgets codes. adwords, customization codes so the meta tags are added in blog templates. To add meta code to your blog, click on the template, edit Html, in the Html page click anywhere. Html search for <head> and paste all meta codes just below it.

Tip: Use the code below to select the code and then use Ctrl + C from your keyboard to the code.

Meta Title: 

Meta title tells you about your blog traffic by adding keywords to your content.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'><meta content='Write Here'name='title'/></b:if>

Replace "Write Here" with your blog title.

Meta Description 

Meta Description is another help full method for your blog. It can give the summary of blog's that content to search engines. If your blog doesn't have a meta description the there is no chance for your blog to appear in Google or any other search engine.

<meta content='Welcome to GetWebInfo ' property='og:description'/>

Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords code holds your content's keywords. It helps search engines to crawl your posts as search engines encounters keywords in a blog. Meta Keywords that help search engine to find out exact content on to your website.

<meta content=' Write Here ' name='keywords'/></b:if>

Meta Language

Meta Language informs robots about your blog language. If your blog language then copy the below code and paste it directly but if your blog has other language to separate them. Meta code for your website language is given below.

<meta content='English' name='Language'/>

 Meta Robots

There are two different codes for robots. One code tells robots that they are allowed to crwal your pages and the other tell to index and follow your posts. In first code you can enter all search engine names like (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc). Copy these both codes and paste to your blog Html Resource that can help your robots crawl, index and following your blog.

<meta content='Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex' name='robots'/> 

<meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>

 Here is Complete Code of Meta Tags 

Here can i past complete code of Meta Tags that can help you out to solve your Meta Tag problem easily.

<meta charset='utf-8'/>
<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1' name='viewport'/>
<meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
<meta content='text/html; charset=UTF-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/>
<meta content=' Write Here ' name='keywords'/></b:if>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.title' property='og:site_name'/>
<link href='' rel='publisher'/>
<link href='' rel='author'/>
<link href='' rel='me'/>
<meta content='xxxxx' name='google-site-verification'/>
<meta content='xxxxx' name='msvalidate.01'/>
<meta content='xxxxx' name='alexaVerifyID'/>
<meta content='Pakistan' name='geo.placename'/>
<meta content='Muhammad Imran' name='Author'/>
<meta content='general' name='rating'/>
<meta content='id' name=''/>
<meta content='#' property='fb:app_id'/>
<meta content='#' property='fb:admins'/>
<meta content='en_US' property='og:locale'/>
<meta content='en_GB' property='og:locale:alternate'/>
<meta content='id_ID' property='og:locale:alternate'/>
<meta content='English' name='Language'/>
<meta content='Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex' name='robots'/>
<meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
<meta content='summary' name='twitter:card'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' name='twitter:title'/>
<meta content='@' name='twitter:site'/>
<meta content='@' name='twitter:creator'/>


At the end of this post i will only say that i am trying my best to provide unique and useful content to the user who come on to my website. About Post i'll only say that is very important codes for any website that can use blogspot platform. So please don't forgot to put this code to your Blogger Html file. And if you like this Article please share this article on Social Media. Thanks........

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How to remove attribution widget in Blogger

Anonymous June 13, 2018
Hello and Welcome to On this post i will tell you how can you remove attribution widget in Blogger. When you scroll down to the end of your blog, you must have seen powered by Blogger it is called attribution. This gadget is added to blogs by Blogger and it represents taht the blog is a sub domain of blogger and is owned by Blogger. It appears in every template of blogger templates but if you add a template from any other site then may be it won't appear.

How to remove attribution widget in Blogger ?

You can not remove the attribution widget easily from your blogger blog. But here is a simple step that can help you out to remove attribution from your Blogger Blogspot. Here is simple and easy way to remove attribution from your blogger.

Step 01: Log in to your blogger

Step 02: Go to your blogger Dash Board.

Step 03: Go to Template Click edit HTML and on the HTML page click anywhere in the template HTML

Step 04: Use Ctrl+F from your keyboard and find below piece of Code.

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title="type='Attribution'visible='true'>

 If you can't be able to find this code then please search this one code

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true'

It looks like that in below picture

Step 04: After finding the above code then replace Locked='true' with Locked='false' , it will unlock the attribution widget from your blogger template layout then you can be able to remove it from your blogger template.

Step 05: Now you can save your blogger template and go to Layout

Step 06: Scroll down the layout and edit attribution widget

Step 07: Click on remove button of the widget and save your layout again. (Don)

I hope this Article is really help full for you. If you like this article so please share it on Social media thansk.

Axact Blogger Theme Purchase Version Free Download

Anonymous June 06, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Here on this Article to can be able to find out Free Full version Blogger Theme. Blogger Full version or Purchase Theme is very important for a blogger website. Axact V3.1 is a modern clean responsive and flat Blogger Template suitable for magazine news sports tech, game and multipurpose blog. Axact is designed with flexible approach lets you to easily change the color font size and other customization that you can made through blogger template.

Axact is a modern clean and flat blogger template suitable for magazine. This Axact Theme formate is a modern and flexible type of theme on Blogger platform. I am purchase this Theme and want to upload it online for other users who trying to find out full version or purchase version blogger themes download for free.

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