How to Increase/ Boost Blogger Traffic

Hello and Welcome to Here on this post, I will tell you that how can you increase your Blogspot Traffic easily. Traffic is a basic key of any blogger or website. If the best traffic are coming to your blog then it's great if not so this is not a great new at all. Because Google Adsense not accept your blog for earning. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means to increase your blog's traffic manually by search engines. SEO is the main problem for every blogger. There are many ways to drive fake traffic to your blog or site such as traffic exchange sites, for example, link collider, traffic,, PTC sites, traffic swarm, hitleap and many other that you know but its not valid for Google Adsense and is harmful for your blog rank, popularity and index stats. Because Google hates fake or paid traffic. Social networks are also a good way to get visitors but you can't get unique traffic. In this post, I am going to tell you have to generate valid traffic from search engines. To make your blog or site 100% SEO optimized you need to do the following things to do for better traffic.

Keywords in title of Blog

Describe your blog's content in your blog's title for example if you have a blog about blogger tips then give it a title Blogger tips, Tricks, Gadgets, Widgets and tutorials" it will help search engines to show your blog in results if someone for any of keywords which use in title. Keyword use in the title of the blog is a very helpful and amazing technique to increase traffic.

Tags in Posts

Whey you write any post take care of having tags in that post. Because search engine will target your tags to show result I search engine. Write tags is (h2) font-size. For Example, you are writing a post about a publishing network or what else now you have to write keywords about that publishing network in tags. So that the search engine finds your post in search engine bring him up and show to the user who wants to know about the topic.

Keywords in Posts Title 

Try to describe your posts summery in your post title. It helpful for SEO as someone search on the Search engine for your written keywords in post title the search engine will show your blog in search results.

Lengthy Posts Content 

Try to Put 250 to 300 words in a post. Above 300 words will be more good. And if you want Google Search Engine will put your post on the top of every time so Write a post round about 2000 words then your post can be on the top in Search Engine.

Unique Post Content 

This is a very important part of any website if your website has not been unique content or meaning full content then nobody can come to your website. Your blog should have a unique content so that visitors have a reason to visit your blog. SEE needs to have unique content so to gain unique visitors you have to write unique posts. Another thing is your post should contain more text than images. And it must be helpful and meaningful.


As a wise man said Simple is better. Your blog should have a friendly user interface it means no pop-ups, no on-click ads, pop-up like boxes because these things frustrate most of the users. Keep clear and easy navigation so that your visitors could reach easily what they are looking for on your website.

Meta Tags and Description 

Write a meta description of your blog. Write about your blog in below code between comas. and Past is below <head> in template.

<meta content='write your description here' name='description'/>

<meta content='write keywords here' name='keywords'/>

Submit Your Blogs URL to Search Engines 

Increase your blog traffic by submitting a link to search engines. Three big search engines "Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also Yandex, will accept your link for free.

Submit URL to directories

You can find a huge list of directories on Google. Submit your link to directories for free, it is also helpful to gain unique traffic.

Social Sharing 

Create Fan pages of your blog on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, tumbler, stumble upon, etc.

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