How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO 2018

Hello and Welcome to Here on this post i will tell you that how can you Optimize your Blog post Content for SEO in 2018. Want to write SEO friendly blog posts? Leaning how to do SEO is critical for any serious blogger. In this post we'll share how to optimize your website content for better SEO.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is the basic method of the success of any blog or website. Yet such a confusing and intimidating marketing term for many a blogger and business owner.

SEO Best Practice for 2018

Over the years we've seen that the No.1 thing search engines care about is delivering hight quality useful and relevant information to their user on the right place.

In these order you can do these things.
  • Quality: Is your blog an authority in your niche?
  • Usefulness: Is your Blog or Website post helpful easy to read in depth for others?
  • Relevance: Does your blog post solve a specific problem for a specific user?

The best practices we are about to share are tried and true techniques for helping search engines understand the answers to these questions and rank our blog post better in Search Engines.

Here is some Important Method to Optimize your Blog Posts for Better SEO

01. Optimize Your Meta Tags

Most important this is that to optimize meta tags in your site. Meta tags explain to the search engines what your blog posts are about That's why this is the beginning of any strong SEO campaign. 

If your are using Blogspot then you really need the code is help Google or any search engine to find out your content better online and approach user who searches on search engine.  Your blogger Meta Tags Code is looks like that 

You can fill this code with your own blogger information and then Google can easily search your blog on the top of the list. Title Tag is the king of the All tags and the one that carries the most weight is the title tag. The Title tag seen in two general places. First in the search engine result as the top hyper ling and second it is seen in certain browser tabs.

And if you are using WordPress palteform then you can use Yoast SEO Plugin to mange your blog and your blogger posts. Just install this plug in and you'll see a new widget below the text editor on your blog post edit screen. Click on the snippet preview and then type your title tage into the SEO title field, This is also looking like this: 

Meta Tag Descriptions 

A meta tag description is a brief snippet of content that appears in the search results below your blog posts title tag.

You can edit it in Yoast SEO Plug in is looking like that: 

Image ALT Tags

Last but very important are the Image ALT tags.
Image ALT tags help explain to the search engines what the images on your website are about. After all aside from the filename, your images don't have any text attached to them otherwise.

If You are Using Blogspot Platform so you can do it like that:

Click on image you can put it in to your blog post and then you can see these option just click on Properties and add your desire description in the image alt tags. 

02. Optimize your Body Copy

Next you'll want to go through your content and make sure it's optimized to its full potential.

Analyze what the blog post is about and pick a handful of keywords to target your aim. 
Without keyword stuffing strategically place additional buzz terms with in the content for the search engines to pick up on. You can try to develop a modes keyword density so that its just enough for the search engines to pick up on. The combination of copy optimization optimized title tags. 

03. Make some Internal Links

In addition to copy optimization you will also want to incorporate a handful of internal links 3 or 4 per blog post or page.

Internal links are links to other blog pages or posts on your own site. internal liking helps readers jump around from page to page on your site. Keep it to your mind that don't overload your pages with internal links but naturally select a few keywords or phrases that can be linked to another helpful article or resource for your readers.

05. Top it All off with Quality Baclinks 

With all the on site SEO taken care of now it's time to focus on the off site SEO which helps your to bring everything together. That is it's time to focus on your website baclink building.

Building quality and natural back links to your website can really produce significant results. Backlinks help increase your overall domain authority search engine ranking and organic traffic.

If you can make Guest posting then Guest posting is as simple as contacting relevant websites in your blog niche to see if the're accepting articles on their website. If you get the approval you'd then write an article for them and place a link back to your blog post in the copy or the author bio section. 

Last Words 

SEO : Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing and evolving strategy that takes dedication to stay on top of. However these tried and true methods will most likely always matter in the eyes of Google and other major search engines. Hope this article is really help you out to solve your problem and if you have any question so please comment on this post i'll response you as soon as possible.