How to remove attribution widget in Blogger

Hello and Welcome to On this post i will tell you how can you remove attribution widget in Blogger. When you scroll down to the end of your blog, you must have seen powered by Blogger it is called attribution. This gadget is added to blogs by Blogger and it represents taht the blog is a sub domain of blogger and is owned by Blogger. It appears in every template of blogger templates but if you add a template from any other site then may be it won't appear.

How to remove attribution widget in Blogger ?

You can not remove the attribution widget easily from your blogger blog. But here is a simple step that can help you out to remove attribution from your Blogger Blogspot. Here is simple and easy way to remove attribution from your blogger.

Step 01: Log in to your blogger

Step 02: Go to your blogger Dash Board.

Step 03: Go to Template Click edit HTML and on the HTML page click anywhere in the template HTML

Step 04: Use Ctrl+F from your keyboard and find below piece of Code.

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title="type='Attribution'visible='true'>

 If you can't be able to find this code then please search this one code

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true'

It looks like that in below picture

Step 04: After finding the above code then replace Locked='true' with Locked='false' , it will unlock the attribution widget from your blogger template layout then you can be able to remove it from your blogger template.

Step 05: Now you can save your blogger template and go to Layout

Step 06: Scroll down the layout and edit attribution widget

Step 07: Click on remove button of the widget and save your layout again. (Don)

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