How to Add Theme Color Using Meta Tag In Blogger

Anonymous July 19, 2018
Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here on this post i will tell you that how can you change Theme Color Using Meta Tag in Blogger. When it come to designing blog i am always ready to find something new. Today i really brought something new for you and i am sure you don't know anything like this. Have you ever noticed chrome color change while surfing your blog though your smart phone on chrome?. Meta Tag will help you out to change the color of your blog.

How To Change Theme Color Using Meta Tag in Blogger To Change Your Browser Color in Mobile?

Step 01: Go To Blogger and login to Your Account. Choose the Blog in which you want to make change

Step 02: Go Theme and Click on Edit HTML

Step 03: Click Inside your Theme Code and use CTRL+F From your Keyboard

Step 04: Search for <head> you will find it in very initial part of your theme code

Step 05: Copy below meta tag and paste it below <head> 

<meta content='#000000' name='theme-color'/>

Step 06: Now if you want to change color then replace Color Code with code of color that you want chrome to adapt when your blog is visited by any user. 

If you don't know how to generate Color code for Theme please visit here Color Picker Tool
Here in this tool you can generate you favorite or matching theme color easily. 

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