What To Do if Google Adsense Ads Accidentally Click

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here in this post, I will tell you that What you can do if you click accidentally on Google Adsense Ads. Does it happened with you too? Did you also click your AdSense ad accidentally? if yes then you must b worried about penalty or (Ban) your Google Adsense Account by this activity. I was also worried like you the first time I clicked my own ad accidentally. But don't worry you are not going to get banned by Google Adsense. In Google Adsense Policy clearly mentioned that as a publisher, you cannot click on your own ad otherwise you will get banned. In an article named. " Accidents Happen" Google mentioned that you don't need to contact them every time this happens.

You must know the following tricks to avoid those accidental Clicks

If you sense more than usual click on your ads then the best thing to do is notify Google AdSense about it through an invalid click contact form. In this way, AdSense will know you weren't aware of the invalid click and are not falsely increasing your earnings.

Advertisers do not value his own fast clicks on their Websites Ads. That's the reason they get ignored being detected as accidental clicks. So don't get worried about them as they are not the actual clicks. But if you click again and again like fast click then your account is in suspected mode they have to be review your account suddenly one day they have to be banned your account without giving you any warning.

For Touchscreen on mobile devices, the fat finger is a reality. On average the size of a finger page is around 50 pixels. Accidentally touching the edge of an ad while swiping through the mobile screens happens all the time. International clicks have high conversational rates and more users internationally. So edge clicks lack value as compared to those that come from interior ones. Google recommends to protect edge clicks by increasing the size to 150 pixels. 

For DIV use one line break before DIV and one before initiating Adsense code and also one after the Adsense Code. This will blend in well with both mobile and desktop within the on-page elements. If you cannot do it. 

Click bombing begins when your CTR exceeds the limit. You can easily avoid click bombing by adding a code to code of your ad. This plugin is supported by all themes and is user-friendly. 

At the end of the post, I will tell you that you don't forget to install Google Publisher Tool. At that time we suggest you to add an extension to the Google Chrome Browser, through which you will be aware of the URL of the blocked ad. here is how you will do it; Search for Google publisher tool in chrome, click on Add to Chrome then select add extension. Then it's icon will appear on your screen. Click on the icon and Allow it to access your account. Now sign in to your account and publisher tool will create an overlay on your own ads. But the most valuable suggestion is that don't click on to your own website ads. If you want these types of Ads now showing on the website when you visit your website so please install Ad Blocker and activate it.  Then you can be able to do not see ads when you visit your own website. 

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  2. Well Thanks Yogeh Kumar for your views of the post.

  3. Google AdSense accidental click policy is very crucial for all Google publishers. Lots of people set the ads in such a way to get more clicks on ads. Google traces those webpages if they find something wrong then the AdSense account might get strike or ban. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Keep up the good work.


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