10 Reasons Why your Computer Running Slow

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here at this post, I will let you know that your computer is running slow and some tips for your computer (personal computer) are really important. There are reasons for a slow computer and could result in any accident and BSD (Blue screen of death). Usually slowly occurs during the time period. Unless you're on the dial, it's less than start to start with and less than 512 MB, which can be a big problem.

Reason Thats why your computer is running Slow

01: Start up overload

Lots of start-up programs are loading, initially slow up
Remove programs you do not want or do not need to start boot-ups
Clear your computer, update your window, disk detect detection and repair is very important for disk computers.

02: Spyware

These are abusive programs that secretly detect themselves in their software
They are specially installed in your software without email without our knowledge
It should be removed from your computer prior to damaging your operating system and applications

03: Registry

If your registry is corrupted or flawed, your future may be a BS
Corrupt or extra loads can be a bad obstacle to poor performance issues, slow windows startups, extremely slow databases, system processing.

04: Bad disk hard drive

Over time, your computer files can be scattered on your hard drive, it is called pieces and usually due to the search of the file to be slacked.
Disk Disk Defagagmenter reduces data access time and allows storage more efficiently.

05: Poor Security Software

Many security programs are filled with the software and many systems demand resources and memory.
Regarding monitoring of your system for abusive programs can be reduced to reducing your system.

06: Page file

The Windows Page File Processing Function is a temporary source of memory used by the system.
If the page file is too small, there will not be enough room to move to your operating system.
The result will be poor performance and error messages.

07: Many windows and temporary files

Your hard drive can be backed up with backup files and back-up files only. And when you install something when your computer has a software folder that you can install it. Therefore removes these types of software folders.

08: Virus

A good firewall and a anti-virus program should protect you from a good and reliable program. I recommend installing Microsoft Security Essential Software. This window is default in 10 and 8 but not in the window. So Install this software I also use this software and I guarantee that my PC is protected from viruses and malware.

09: Common hardware issues

If your hard drives are not working properly, make sure all the cables are connected to the property, try restoring a system.
Use the System Disk to reinstall the disk drive failure system, reboot your system with a backup disk.

10: overheating

If heat is too high then potentially fail to work or damage permanently. Many computers are ready to shut down automatically at a specific temperature and are willing to prevent CPU from permanent damage.