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68 Ultimate Blogging Tips 2018

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here on this post you can know about the blogging tips. That why is blogging important for you. If you want...

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here on this post you can know about the blogging tips. That why is blogging important for you. If you want to start work online or share your experience with other people on internet then you can be able know start your work online via Blogging.

Ultimate Blogging Tips 

General Tips

  1. Choose a reliable webhsot
  2. Blog about something you're passionate about
  3. Determine your niche and focus on it
  4. Select a good CMS i recommend you WordPress
  5. Be consists schedule your blog posts
  6. Find inspiration to stay motivated
  7. Take time to explore your blog on this word, Learn something new
  8. Find inspiration to stay motivated 
  9. Take time to explore learn something new
  10. Include "About Page" Contact Us" Privacy Policy page etc
  11. Backup your blog regualrly

Optimize Your Layout

  1. Avoid Flash 
  2. Add a search box
  3. use clear navigation 
  4. Use responsive Design
  5. Pick the right color of combination
  6. Create a custom 404 page
  7. Use breadcrumbs and pagination wisely
  8. Select a theme that files your brand
  9. Display most popular posts
  10. Display most related posts
  11. Use Browser shot for cross browser compatibility check 
  12. Use Disqus or Commentluv as your comment system 
  13. Add Sitemap to your site
  14. Validate your site

Polish Your Site Content

  1. Craft killer headlines, And 1 keyword to your post title <h1>
  2. Keep your paragraphs short
  3. Use sub headings {H2,H3,H4}
  4. Use lists to make your post scannable
  5. Use copyscape to review duplicate content
  6. Use visual displays on your content. Don't be bariingg
  7. Add 3-4 relevant blogs 
  8. Add on e signature

Be Interesting 

  1. Write original relevant and useful content
  2. Avoid Jargon Provide examples
  3. Provide useful info graphics 
  4. Offer Freebies
  5. Offer Some interaction, Surveys, Polls, Contest
  6. Use CTA (Call to Action) Words
  7. Proofread, Use spellchechker
  8. Review the quality of your content. Ask yourself " Does it make sense Does it add value to my readers

Implement SEO

  1. Check Broken Links
  2. Use ALT tags on images
  3. Claim your Google authorship
  4. Add 2-3 Keywords in your blog posts 
  5. Include internal link in each content
  6. Use conancial URLs properly
  7. Shorten your post URL, but keep it descriptive 
  8. Use Google Analytics to track your performance
  9. Set your preferred domain. It's either www or non www
  10. Count links in each pages. Should be less than 100. Use submit express
  11. Speed up your site. Use Google PageSpeed tools to review your site
  12. Use unique meta tags in each page. Max, Character, Title: 65 Desc: 156

Get Social

  1. Include Social Sharing Buttons on each blog post
  2. Include a Pinterest Button to your images
  3. Use social bookmarking sites: Digs, stumble upon, Del, ICIO, us.
  4. Integrate your social media profiles to your site
  5. Use media management tools Hootsuite or Buffer
  6. Include a newsletter form to your site. Use aweber
  7. Allow readers to subscribe to your blog. Use FeedBurner
  8. Promote content across social networks, Use #hastages when applicable

Grow Connections

  1. Respond to your readers
  2. Guest blog to gain more traffic and backlinks
  3. Participate in a conversation on Twitter
  4. Take time to read your favorite blogs and interact
  5. Join active groups on social media that are related to your site
  6. Create Gravatar account to display your photo baside your comments
  7. Share useful and relevant posts from other blogs. People will leave you for that
  8. Join Blogging networks 
  9. Join Forum sites related to your sites niche


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