Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Website

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here on this Post i well tell you that how can you increase your website speed easy. Website loading time is really important for any website that can be publish online. User can come on these type of websites that can loading faster that slower so keep one thing to your mind maintain your website speed and improve it day by day.

How can Speeding up your Website 


  • Make Fewer HTTP requests
  • Reduce DNC Lookups
  • Avoid Redirects
  • Make Ajax Cacheable
  • Postload Components
  • Preload Components
  • Reduce The Number of DOM Elements
  • Split Components Across Domains
  • Minimize Number of Iframs
  • Avoid 404's Pages


  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Add explores or cache control header
  • Gzip Components
  • Configure Etags
  • Flush Buffer Early
  • Use Get for Ajax Requests
  • Avoid Empty Image src


  • Reduce Cookie Size 
  • Use Cookie Free Domains For Components


  • Put Style sheets at Top
  • Avoid CSS Expressions
  • Choose Link over at Import
  • Avoid Filters


  • Images Optimization
  • Optimization of CSS sprites
  • Do not scale images in HTML
  • Make favicon.ico and Chachable


  • Keep Components Under 25 Kb
  • Pack Components into a multi part document
  • Reduce mobile site loading time


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