How to Increase Alexa Ranking Quickly With Easy Tips in 2018

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo. Here on this Post i will tell you that how can you increase Alexa Ranking Quickly with Some Easy and Simple steps. Nowadays improving Alexa Rank is essential for every blogger. Low Alexa Rankings is almost synonymous with low traffic and this is a source of worry for so many websites owners.

Alexa Rank is website rank information provide by Alexa based on the amount of traffic received by websites. It generally indicates how popular a website is with in its country of origin and on the global scale. If you are a bloger owner you have t pay serious attention to your Alexa Rank as it influence high marketers regards your website. A high ranking site attracts more advertisers and better rates.

Some Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking

Install Alexa Toolbar

While this regarded as the old school method of increasing website ranking in Alexa. It is still very viable. Ensure that you install the Alexa Toolbar on all the PCs, Laptops, and Mobile devices you use. It may take to have a huge impact. But it is safe and reliable.

Go to Alexa Toolbar Web Page and add to your web browser.

Click On "Install Alexa Browser Extension" and add to your web browser.

The same is for your phone also. it will increase Alexa Ranking as fast as they can do.

Create Great and Pure Content

This is the surest way to build an online community that will keep returning to your site and provide the highly regarded traffic that can boost your Alexa Rank. Search engines prioritize fresh and unique and great content,so it is essential that your create good content that will rank well well with Google and the rest and send people to your site.

Use Keywords That can Bring High Traffic 

There are some keywords that help people in your niche drive traffic to their blogs. Find out what they are and work with them to increase your traffic. Find out what they are and work with them to increase your traffic. You can spare a little to research about what your audience search and create contents that contain such keywords or hire an SEO expert to do that.

Post Content Regularly

Creating good content will get you traffic to your blog. But create them consistently will help you to keep the traffic coming and this is the way to go if you want to have a great relationship with your readers and having them visiting regularly. As you are a blogger you may have a question in your ming how often to publish a new content to increase Alexa Ranking?

Share Your Posts On Social Media

This is also targeted at generating more traffic for your website. Most people spend more time on social media platforms these days. So share your posts widely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and then rest.

Backlinks To your Site To Increase Alexa Ranking 

There are a number of ways you can do this, but the surest way is to write guest posts for your sites that rank high and get some backlinks to your own website. Onces your guest post is relevant and useful to the audience, you will get some traffic back to your site.


There are some other little things you can do to increase Alexa ranking like analyzing your competitors strengths and implementing ethical strategies. Alexa Traffic rank is quite influential when it comes to monetizing your blog and it can be increased with the simple tips above.