How to Install Disqus Comment on Blogger

Hello and Welcome to Here on this post you can learn that How to Install Disqus Comment on Blogger. DISQUS is one of the most popular commenting systems out there for blogs. It has a great design and Spam commenter's links.

How to Install Disqus Comment on Blogger

How to Install Disqus Comments on Blogger

Step 01: Sing Up to Disqus. It will ask you to provide a username, email address and password. It will then ask you your site name, your shortname A unique ID to identify your blog and to choose a category that your blog fits into.

Step 02: On the setting page in the Admin Section it will ask you to choose your platform. You can choose Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, Tumbler and more. For this tutorial we'll choose Blogger.

Step 03: Click the Add Name to My Site which will open a new window with the add a gadget option. Select the blog you want to add it on and click Add Widget. You'll be redirected to Blogger Layout Page where you'll see the new gadget. I tend to move it under the blog gadget to keep things organized but that's not necesssary.

Step 04: On Disqus Choose your site and go to setting. Here you can change the color scheme, typeface, moderation rules, avatars and other setting for your comments.

Step 05: If you have existing comments via Blogger, you may want to transfer them in to DISQUS.
On DISQUS go to Discussion>Import. You can select the platform and import your comments. it can take up to 24 hours to import depending on how many comment you had.

Step 06: If you are switching blogging platform (For Example From Blogger to WordPress) or have changed your domain you can migrate your comments. On DISQUS go to Discussion> Tools> Start Domain Migration Wizard and follow the instructions. 

Step 07: If you are using and old Blogger Template, you will need to update a line of code. You can see those instructions Here .

Step 08: If you are using Bloggers default mobile template, you shall have to enable DISQUS for that seprately. You can check this in the template section under mobile. To enable DISQUS for Mobile templates Go To Templae> Edit HTML and Search for disqus, you'll find something similar to the following.
<b:widget id='HTML#' locked='false' title='Disqus for #' type='HTML'> ... </b:widget>
After Locked='false' add mobile= 'yes' like this
<b:widget id='HTML#' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Disqus for #' type='HTML'> ... </b:widget>
Now in the End Save your template, if you are not using a mobile template and are showing the desktop version instead then DISQUS will be automatically enabled.

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