How Center Gadgets in Blogger

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo.Com. Here on this post you can find out that How Center Gadgets in Blogger. This article is bout centering gadgets from 3rd parties that you install on to your blog. When code like this is put into a gadget, one common question is that "How do i Center it?"

How Center Gadgets in Blogger

There are at least three option for doing this, ie for putting a gadget in to the middle (horizontally) fo the area it is located in these are described below.

Option 1: Centre all the gadgets in your blogger blog.

To center-align every single gadget in your blog, just add a CSS rule to your blog. The rule to add is

.widget {
  text-align: center;

This will Center the contents and title of every gadget on your blogger blog.

Option 2: Only center-align the specific gadget

To only center-align one gadget, which is made from HTML/JavaScript code, you can just put the gadget-code from the 3rd party like Paypal, Amazon etc, inside a centering statement, like this

<div style="text-align: center;">
Install the code into your blog the way you would usually install this 3rd party code.

This will center align the contents "not title" of the specific gadget that you add.

Note: The american spelling of the word "center" and don't forget to put the closing </div> statement at the end.

Option 3: Make a new style rule just for the Gadget

If you only want to centre one or several gadgets no all of the, then it's best to define a new style that is to be used on specific gadget put this new style into your template and then apply it to the gadgets like this.

<div class="YourNewSytle">
This approach will only centre the gadget content not any header that you give to it. There are lots of option that you could put into the new style rule, but at a minimum it needs to have
  text-align: center;
Notice that there is a "." (ie a full-stop) before the name of your new style.

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Best Youtube Downloader for your PC 2019

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo.Com. Here on this post you can know that about the Best and Better Download option for youtube website. Watching youtube videos on your PC is probably one of the favorite things to do for many people as it has many HD videos which deliver wonderful visual experiences. But how to download Youtube videos remains a problem as Youtube does not provide a straightforward download passage. So here in this article, I have picked best youtube video downloader software for you to save Youtube videos as MP4 on your PC.

1. Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft TubeGet is a YouTube downloader software aiming to download videos from youtube and other hot video streaming websites, simple is the best mustt be the main developing purpose of the software. Brief and clean as it may be, it has almost everything a video downloader needs. Another feature about this youtube to mp4 video downloader is that it supports download HD & UHD videos from YouTube such as 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K & 8K resolution.

2. FreeMake Video Downloader

FreeMake Video Download is born to a video downloader specialist for windows user, as it's an all in one tool which consists of many useful functions. While downloading you can also limit the downloading speed to the range you can accept. Moreover it can transfer videos in the YouTube to the cloud once you set Dropbox or Google Drive as your default destination, protecting your information from lost to the greatest extent, and make sure that you can watch these video whatever your platform is like Windows, Mac, Andriod and IOS.

3. 4K Video Downloader

In Terms of 4K Video Downloader it's a quite concise and intuitive application without any superfluous function except downloading videos. To be a best minimalist, 4K Video Downloader has a smart mode once you set the smart mode done, you can download a video without only one click, that's the truth, only one click guess it will save you a lot of time. Another intriguing feature is that 4K video downloader is multilingual and cross platform, as it has Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

4. YTD Video Downloader

As the Pool of YouTue videos are increasing constantly more and more people want to have their fingers in the pie, so they all have to creating more appearing content, that will result in the chance of making splash becomes more difficult although this will make the YouTubers feel the burn, on the other hand it will be a good news for the audiencesm as they will enjoy more daring and novel videos. To download this videos on you PC. YTD Video Downloader is a Best Choice.

5. VideoProc

The last one I'd like to introduce is VideoProc, without it the list would be incomplete. As the increased competition of software industry, all in one tool has become a trend. As the name implies, an all in one software means it combines with many features in one app, to make it more powerful, more time saving and more competitive. And VideoProc is definitely a perfect example in the all in one software group. VideoProc comes with 4 main features video editor, DVD conversion and backup, video downloader, screen recorder. The editing features allows users to cut, crop, merge, add subtitle, apply effects and filters, and convert your videos to other formats. The screen recording features that can really help you out in Video issue.

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SEO Guide For Designers 2019

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo.Com. Here on this post i will give you some SEO Guides For Designers 2019. According to Poll I conducted, Just over 1 out of 10 People don't think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is mandatory as a designer and what really surprised me is about 24% don't even know what SEO is if you're among the quarter of people who don't know what SEO is or understand how it can help you, you should really read this article. This is an SEO guide for designers who want to learn about making it easier for websites or blogs to be found by search engines.

SEO Guide For Designers 2019

Why Should You Learn About SEO?

  • SEO is not only for online marketers. As a web designer or frontend developer, most on-site SEO is your responsibility.
  • If your site is not search engine friendly you might be losing a lot of traffic that you're not even aware of. Remember, bsides visitors typing "www," and backlink referrals search engines are the only way people can find your site.
  • SEO is also a value added service. As a web designer you can sell your SEO skills as an extended service.

The Basic: How Can Search Engines Work?

First, let's look at how crawler-based search engines work (both Google and Yahoo fall in this category). Each search engine has its own automated program called a "web spider" or "web crawler" that crawls the web. The main purpose of the spider is to crawl web pages, read and collect the content, and follow the links (both internal and external). The spider then deposits the information collected into the search engines's database called the index.

When searchers enter a query in the search box of a search engine, the search engine's job is to find the most relevant results to the query by matching the search query to the information in its index. What makes or breaks a search engine is how well it answers your question when you perform a search. That's based on what called the search engine algorithm which is basically a bunch of factors that the search engine uses to say "hey is this page Relevant or Not?" The higher your page ranks for these factors (yes some factors are more important than others) that the higher your page will get displayed in the search engine result pages.

What You can Do As a Search Engine Optimizer

Each search engine has its own algorithm in ranking web pages. Understanding the general factors that influence the algorithm can effect your search result position, and this is what SEO experts are hired for. An SEO's job has two aspects: On-Site and Off-Site.

One Site SEO: Are the things that you can do your site, such as "HTML markups, target keywords, internal linking, site structure etc.

Off Site SEO: are the things that you have much less control of such as how many backlinks you get and how people link to your site.

This is a guide for designers and developers. The main concern is the On-Site aspects. Secretly though, if you do your job right, and design a beautiful site.

SEO Mistakes Made By Designers and Developers 

1. Splash Page

I have seen this mistake many times where people put up just a big banner image and a link "Click here to enter" on their homepage. The worst case - the "enter" link is embedded in the flash object, which makes it impossible for the spiders to follow the link.

This is fine if you don't care abuot what a search engine know about your site, otherwise you are making a Big mistake. Your homepage is probably your websites highest ranking page and gets crawled frequently by web spider. Your internal pages will not appear in the search engine index without the proper linking structure to internal pages for the spider to follow.

2. Non-Spiderable Flash Menus

Many designers make this mistake by using flash menus such as those fade-in and animated menus. they might look cool to you but they can't be seen by the search engines, and thus the links in the Flash menu will not be followed.

3. Image and Flash Content

Web spiders are like a text based browser, they can't read the text embedded in the graphic image or Flash. Most designers make this by embedding the important content in Flash and Image.

4. Overuse Of AJAX

A lot of developers are trying to impress their visitor by implementing massive Ajax features, but did you know that it is a big SEO mistake? Because Ajax Content is loaded dynamically, so it is not spiderable or indexable by search engines. Another disadvantage of Ajax, since the address URL doesn't reload, your visitor can not sent the current page to their friends.

5. Versioning of Theme Design

For some reason, some designers love to version their theme design into sub level folders (,v3,v4) and redirect to the new folder. Constantly changing the main root location may cause you to lose backlink counts and ranking.

6. "Click Here" Link Anchor Text

You Probaly see this a lot where people use "Click Here" or "Learn More" as the linking text. This is great if you want to be ranked high for "Click Here". But if you want to tell the search engine that your page is important for a topic, than use that topic/keyword in your link anchor text. It's much more descriptive (and relevant) to say "Learn more about "Keyword Topic"

7. Common Title Tag Mistakes 

Same or similar Title Text:
Every page on your site should have a unique <title> tag with the target keywords in it. Many developers make the mistake of having the same or similar title tags throughout the entire site. That's like telling the search engine that Every page on your site refers to the same topic and one ins't any more unique than the other.

One Good example of bad Title Tag use would be the default WordPress theme. In case you didn't know the title tag of the default WordPress Theme in not, that useful: Site Name> Blog Archive > Post Title. Why is not this search engine friendly? Because every single blog post will have the same text "Site Name> Blog Archive>" at the beginning of the title tag. If you should be at the end "Post Title / Site Name.

8. Empty Image Alt Attribute

You Should always describe your image in the alt attribute. The alt attribute is what describes your image to a blind web user. Guess what ? Search Engines can't see images so your alt attribute is a factor in illustrating what your page is relevant for.

9. Unfriendly URL's

Most blog or CMS platforms have a friendly URl feature built-in, however not every blogger is taking advantage of this. Friendly URL's are good for both your human audience and the search engines. The Url is also an important spot where your keywords should appear.

For Example of Friendly Url: YourDomain.Com/page-title
For Example of Dynamic Url: YourDomain.Com/?p=123456

General SEO Do's and Don'ts 

Don't Ignore Your Audience

Write about topics your audience cares about. Like what? Find out, by conducting a poll (like I did), scan some relevant bulletin boards or forums, look for common topics in customer emails, or do some keyword research. There are great free keyword tools like Google Keyword Tool or SEO Book's Keyword Tools and loads more. The plan is not to spend your life doing keyword research but just to get a general idea of what your visitors are interested in.

Don't Be Dense About Keyword Density 

Once you have a topic for readers; help search engines find it. Keyword Density is the number of time a keyword appears in a page compared to the total number of words. You want to make sure your keywords are included in the crucial areas.

  • The Title Tag
  • The Page URL (friendly URL)
  • The Main Heading (H1 or H2)
  • The First Paragraph of Content.
  • At least 3 times in the body content (more or less depending on amount of content and if and only if it makes sense).
Most People aime for a keyword density of 2% (i.e. use the keyword 2 times for every 100 words). But what if your keyword phrase is "SEO for Web Designers" How many times can you repeat that before it sound just plain unnatural? Write for your readers not for search engines. if you follow the tips. In this article you'll be writing naturally for your readers; which works for the search engines too.

Don't Be Afraid of Internal Linking

Do You want the Search engine to see every page on your website? Help the search engine spider do its job. There should be a page(Like a Sitemap or Blog Archives) that links to all the pages on your site. 

You can promote the more important pages by inserting text links with in body content. Make sure you use relevant linking text and avoid using "click here" 

Don't Ignore Broken Links

You should always search for and fix the broken links on your site. If yo've removed a page or section, you can use the robot.txt to prevent the spiders crawling and indexing the broken links. If you have moved a page or your entire website, you can use the 301.htaccess to redirect to a new URL.

Don't Be Inconsistent with Your Domain URL

To Search engines, a www and a non-www URL are considered two different URLs. You should always keep you domain and URL structure consistent. If you start promoting your site without the "www", stick with it.

Search Result Position

Coding and setting up your site to be SEO friendly can improve how well a search engine can access your website, it doesn't guarantee you'll end up at the top of the search engine result page (SERP)


Some professional SEO's pay attention to Google's PageRank and some don't. In my experience it doesn't hurt to have a high Google PageRank. It's a nice little benchmark to let you know how important Google Sees your web page as. You can improve your PageRank by following the tips above and building-up quality backlinks. If you want to learn yow PageRank works Smashing Magazine has a very good article.

PageSpeed and Mobile

Page speed and Mobile SEO Friendly are also play an important role in Website SEO. Search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sensitive to Usability, with PageSpeed and Mobile Friendliness being two of the most prominent example. Thankfully, readers of smashing Magazine should already be aware of the important of these issues. Since it would be impossible to do these enormous subject justice in the context of this article, we will limit ourselves to the basic principles of each.

Search Engines support a variety of mobile configurations, including separate URLs for mobile user (via an m. sub-domain, for example) and dynamic serving using the vary HTTP header. Today, however, Google's preferred approach to mobile is responsive web design. if you're unfamiliar with modern front-end development, or have simply been living under a very large rock for the past five years, you could do worse than checking our Smashing Book5 for a primer on modern RWD workflows.

Page Speed to should be one of your foremost concerns. This is not simply because a longer load time results in a higher bounce rate, Google has indicated that Page Speed itself factors in to the ranking algorithm. 

Here is Some tips that help you out to speed up your WebPage.
  • Implementation of Gzip Compression on your server
  • Magnification of assets like style-sheets and scripts
  • Leveraging browser caching with the Expires header
  • Minimizing the Number of HTTP requests 
Be Patient 

You may have done every single thing right. But your site is still not showing up in the search engines for your target keywords. Why? Because everything takes time. It takes time for the search engines to index and rank your site (especially for new domains). So be patient.....

Free SEO Tools For Your Website

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Photoshop Top Secret Shortcuts 2019

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo.Com. Here on this post i will tell you the secret shortcuts of PhotoShop. It is proven that by using software shortcuts can boost up productivity. Here It is proven that by using software shortcuts can boost up productivity. here are More than 30 Secrets of PhotoShop shortcuts that i have learned from years of experience. Well what i mean by "Secret" is that these shortcuts are not documented in the menus. Keep reading and you will find how these shortcuts can speed up your productivity. I bet you don't know all of them.

Secret Shortcuts 2019

1. Drag Selection

With the Marquee tool, drag on the document (do not release the mouse yet), Now hold down Spacebar, it will you drag the undefined selection.

2. Navigate the Document Left or Right

Hold down the Cmd/CTRLF key and scroll up or down allow you to navigate the document left or right. For example, hold down Cmd/CTRLF +  scroll up will navigate to right.

3. Browse the Font list

Put Your cursor in the font list dropdown, you can browse the font list by pressing arrow Up or Down Key.

4. Select Font Size

Select the text that you want to scale the font size, press Cmd/ CTRLF + Shift +> or < to increase / decrease font size.

5. Zoom with the Scroll Wheel

You can Zoom In/ out by Cmd / CTRLF + Opt + Scroll up or down.

6. Drag to Adjust Numeric Value

Mouseover the Input box, hold down Cmd / CTRLF + drag left or right to increase / decrease. Hold down Cmd + Opt or Shift key and drag can change the value in decimal or 10 interval. This shortcut works in all dialog palettes.

7. Scroll to Adjust numeric value

Put The cursor in the input box, scroll up or down to increase /  decrease value. This shortcut works in all dialog palettes.

8. Arrow up / down to adjust numeric value

Put the Cursor in the input box, press arrow Up or Down to increase/ decrease. Hold down shift and press arrow up or down will change value in 10 interval.

10. Collapse or Expand all layer groups

You can collapse or expand all root- level layer groups by holding down Cmd/CTRLF + click on the triangle icon. Hold down Cmd/CTRLF + Opt + Click on the triangle icon will collapse or expand all level layer groups.

11. Navigation Layer Blending Mode

Opt+Shift+ "-" or "+" Key allows you to navigate through the blending mode dropdown.

12. Set Specific Blending Mode

Opt + Shift + C,N,M,S,D..... allows to set layer to specific blending mode. For Example

Normal = Opt + Shift + N

Screen =   Opt + Shift + S

Multiply = Opt + Shift + M

Color = Opt + Shift + C

13. Load Channel Selection 

You probably know that Cmd /CTRLF + number keys (1,2,3) will activate the channels in sequent. Press Cmd + Opt + number keys will load the selection. For example, press Cmd + Op + 4 will load Alpha Channel 1.

14. Increase / Decrease Brush Size

With the Brush tool selected, you can increase / decrease the brush size by pressing "[" or "]" key (square bracket key). Press Shift + [ or ] will increase / decrease brush hardness.

15. Duplicate Layer

There are several shortcuts to duplicate layers.

  • You can hold down Cmd/CTRLF + Opt + Drag to duplicate the active layer.
  • Cmd/CTRLF + Opt + arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right).
  • CTRLF/Cmd + J will duplicate the active layer in exact position.
  • Hold down opt + Drag with in the layers palette can also duplicate layers.
16. Change WorkSpace Background

By default Photoshop use grey for the workspace background color. You can change that by.
  • Select your favorite color
  • Choose the paint Bucket Tool
  • Hold down Shift + Click on the working area (outside the document area)
  • Right click on the workspace area to get a drop down menu - allows you top set the background to black, grey, or a custom color

More Shortcuts 

  • In some dialog boxes, holding the Opt key will turn the "Cancel" button into a most useful "Reset".
  • To Stroke a path, first select the path, then change to the brush tool, select a brush, and type Enter or Return. This works with all of the brush - like tools (eraser, clone, blur, etc).
  • To turn a path into a selection, type command- enter or command- return. If there is already a selection, themn command-shift-return will add you path's space to the selection, command-option-return will subtract it and command-option-shift-return will select the intersection.
  • If you are adding a "Drop shadow" layer effect and you have the layer style dialog open to the Drop Shadow setting, you can move the sahdow around by clicking and dragging in the image. This also work with the "Inner Shadow" effect. If you hold down the option key, you can also adjust the Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay, and satin effects by clicking and dragging.
Do You Know More PhotoShop Shortcuts?

Do you know more photoshop shortcuts that are not listed in this article? Please post them in the Comment area. Make sure they are "secret" .....

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