How Center Gadgets in Blogger

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo.Com. Here on this post you can find out that How Center Gadgets in Blogger. This article is bout centering gadgets from 3rd parties that you install on to your blog. When code like this is put into a gadget, one common question is that "How do i Center it?"

How Center Gadgets in Blogger

There are at least three option for doing this, ie for putting a gadget in to the middle (horizontally) fo the area it is located in these are described below.

Option 1: Centre all the gadgets in your blogger blog.

To center-align every single gadget in your blog, just add a CSS rule to your blog. The rule to add is

.widget {
  text-align: center;

This will Center the contents and title of every gadget on your blogger blog.

Option 2: Only center-align the specific gadget

To only center-align one gadget, which is made from HTML/JavaScript code, you can just put the gadget-code from the 3rd party like Paypal, Amazon etc, inside a centering statement, like this

<div style="text-align: center;">
Install the code into your blog the way you would usually install this 3rd party code.

This will center align the contents "not title" of the specific gadget that you add.

Note: The american spelling of the word "center" and don't forget to put the closing </div> statement at the end.

Option 3: Make a new style rule just for the Gadget

If you only want to centre one or several gadgets no all of the, then it's best to define a new style that is to be used on specific gadget put this new style into your template and then apply it to the gadgets like this.

<div class="YourNewSytle">
This approach will only centre the gadget content not any header that you give to it. There are lots of option that you could put into the new style rule, but at a minimum it needs to have
  text-align: center;
Notice that there is a "." (ie a full-stop) before the name of your new style.

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