How to Eliminate Active Links at Blogger Comment

Hello and Welcome to GetWebInfo.Com. Here on this post you can be able to find out Latest Article is about Eliminate Active Links from your Blogger Blog Comment system. Active links to blog comment are sometimes very disturbing for the owner of the blog, but it will be very beneficial for the active link maker. Why is that because the active link on blog comments can provide backlinks for the active link maker, of course for the owner of this blog will be very detrimental including the active link at any time may become inactive aka broken links, this should be avoided by every have a blog.

In addition active links on blog comments will also be considered as outbound links or outbound links, therefore to maintain the broken links and active links on your blog comments. However what happens if there are hundred of active links on your blogger comments? Is it possible you will delete one by one active link, in my opinion you could do it manually, but i have the tips to delete or deactivate all active links on the blog automatically.

So here is a simple JavaScript code that is able to change the active links in blog comments into plain text, this script is very effective for removing active links because some scripts to overcome active links in other blog comments are still detected if we check through inspect elements, but with code this script all active links on your blog will automatically change to plain text. For how to install it please see this method given below.

How to Eliminate Active Links at Blogger Comment\

1. Enter
2. Go to the Theme section and click on Edit HTML button
3. Search for this code </body>
4. Copy the JavaScript code below

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(function() {
$('#comments p').find('a').contents().unwrap();

5. Paste code just above </body>
6. Then you can save your blogger template

If this code working then okay otherwise delete active links immediately.

Well i hopefully is that this code working for you if you like this article so please share it on Social media and thanks for reading.